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Rat Infestation Brisbane What To Do

Whether at home or at work, suffering from a rodent infestation is never a pleasant experience, with the most common rodents being either rats or mice.

During the winter months, rodent infestations reach their highest rates as both rats and mice seek shelter from the harsher, cooler conditions outside. So while other pests tend to become less active, rodents become more prominent.

As a result of this growth in infestation, it can leave many businesses and homeowners facing an unwanted problem that requires immediate fixing by Pinnacle Pest, particularly for businesses so that they remain pest compliant.

What to do when facing a rodent infestation

With both residential and commercial properties, some comparable steps can be taken to help reduce the prominence of rodents, but they’re also some differences as well. First of all, let’s take a look at how to deal with rats in a residential setting.

Rats in your home

When there are rats (or mice) in your home, the first step is to take preventative measures to both try and make it harder for them to get inside and to also remove certain factors that could be driving them inside. With rats, shelter and food play the biggest roles. They want to stay out of the cold and they want food to sustain themselves, and they have a tendency to love meats and grains, meaning that your kitchen will often be one place they’ll aim to get to.

In terms of making it hard for rats to get inside, consider the fact that rats can squeeze into entrance points of about 1cm. For mice, this can be as small as 5mm. Wherever your home has small cracks or gaps like this – particularly on the outside – they could all be ways for rats and mice to get inside. Unless such gaps or cracks serve a purpose, consider sealing them up or blocking them in some way. Similarly, rats and mice may use downpipes to find a way in, but you can resolve this by securing mesh against openings.

In terms of food, you need to keep your home free from crumbs and scraps. Be sure to keep your kitchen bins properly secured and clear them out as soon as they’re full. Don’t allow food to remain out in the open where it can be easily accessed by rats. The cleaner you keep your home, the fewer incentive rats will have to stay.

While there are certain products you can use to dispose of rats, such as rat traps and poison, the best step you can take to resolve a rat infestation is to call in a professional pest management service provider who can remove your home of rats efficiently and without presenting any health concerns for you or your loved ones.

Rats in your business

Rodents will make their way inside a business dwelling for the same reasons they do with a home. They’re seeking shelter and food. So if you believe you are suffering from some type of infestation, then be sure to seal off cracks any unneeded gaps and cracks (provided they don’t breach office health and safety) and keep your premises clean and free of food scraps as possible.

Unlike homes, however, you should really consider whether using rat traps you can purchase at your local shop are the best approach. As businesses need to account for more stringent regulations, the use of many commercially available rat traps is not a wise idea. If you have a rat problem, an immediate step you need to take is contacting a pest management professional so they can resolve the problem for you ASAP.

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