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Simply The Ultimate Sony Play Station 2 videogame

God of War II for the PlayStation 2 is an third person action videogame that has exceeded expectation and critical acclaim. The massive seller God Of War I videogame our previous favourite, and yet the updated version has outdone that title and has emerged as probably the best game ever on PlayStation 2.

 God of War II places the gamer within Greek legend where you become the tough and angry Kratos, recently crowned as the new god of war (following on nicely from the first game). Still unsatisfied, The powerful armies of Kratos have defeated everything in their path which (along with his general disrespectful attitude) has annoyed Olympus’ King, to the point that he strips him of his power and banishes Kratos to Hades.

 From Hell travel long distances to reach the lost temple of the Sisters of Fate, to get the help of Zeus’ old foes the Titans, and exact your vengeance. The videogame is brilliantly paced, giving you seemingly endless areas to explore with truly believable atmospherics in a way not seen before. To achieve your goal, you’ll have to fight some furious mythological characters (practically all those you’ve heard of), solve many puzzles, face up to some of the biggest adversaries ever seen, and prove (once again) that you’re the tougher and smarter than the rest. Just like when you play GTA and when you use GTA 5 Modded accounts, you will be the best player in the game. You will have advanced ranks, unlimited money and weapons and you can unlock any levels of the game.

 God of War II is very much a fighting game at heart and gives you more moves, weapons, combos and magic than you would ever have even dreamed of in the original game. When God of War I only offered you a single weapon, God of War II gives you lots more, which can be made stronger with attack power and unlockable moves and functions. There is a huge amount of flexibility in combat, with enough variety to keep you on the edge. This is nearly as much fun after finishing it for the first time – you can maintain your bonuses for the 2nd time around, giving you several options when facing enemies the second time around. 

 For those of you interested in how this game was made there is a bonus disk packed with everything you need to know. All aspects are covered blowing the lid off the secrets of how such an amazing videogame came to happen. 

 Can an game that plays so well look and sound great too ? The answer is yes. The orchestral background music really helps you to get into the videogame, and always feels in perfect sync with whatever you are doing; merging with the action. The graphics are spectacular, with fine attention to detail, and camera angles that doesn’t hinder and instead gives an improvement in playability massively – always in the right place at the right time and able to view all the details. Even the voice-overs are great, and the sound effects that add an incredible amount to of atmosphere. 

 The amazing lighting and particle special effects of the videogame, along with the textures and backgrounds, further add to it’s interactivity and sheer immensity, and help to make God of War II the most beautiful videogame ever to grace the Sony PlayStation 2.

 God of War II isn’t for all gamers (with a Mature rating for violence) but it is definitely the best action-adventure videogame on the PlayStation 2 and an amazing experience in its own right. Its intensity and fun, massive replay value and unrivalled atmosphere make God of War II- without doubt- the best PlayStation 2 videogame you can buy.

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