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Common Questions About Electrical Apprenticeship

When starting your career as an electrician it’s nearly always necessary to start out as an apprentice. Apprenticeship is nearly always the beginning of a career as an electrician. You will have to put in your time as an electrical apprentice before you have the opportunity to earn your electrician license. So what is an apprentice?

What is an apprentice?

An apprentice is the entry level position of many trades, electrical included. As an apprentice you are essentially a helper. As a helper you work under the supervision of a licensed electrician.

This is not just something fun for licensed electricians. Apprenticeship is a serious thing. It gives you the opportunity to learn while on the job. You get to learn from someone with experience who has been through the process as well. Be sure to pay close attention to the electrician you’re working with because they are essentially a mentor helping you along the path to becoming a licensed electrician.

In addition to on the job training many states require that you to be enrolled in electrician courses while an apprentice. This education will usually cover things like how to read blueprints, the national and/or local electrical code, etc… The electrical education you receive in the classroom will go a long way in helping you to pass your electrical exam in order to be licensed. While hiring the 5 Best Electricians in Charlotte, the license and reputation should be checked. Proper learning is provided so that the problems and issue are great. The working of the electrician is great to meet the desired results. The charges of the electrician are under the budget of the people. 

Is apprenticeship required?

Every state varies in how they license electricians. While some states oversee licensing of all electricians, many leave it up to local jurisdictions like cities or counties. Many licensing jurisdictions, whether city, county or state do require an apprenticeship program in order to earn your electrician license.

Since each state is different though, check out the requirements in your state to be absolutely sure. You can check that here:

How long is an apprenticeship?

Every state varies in how they license electricians and there are often differences in apprenticeship programs. We typically see 2 to 4 years as common time required as an apprentice. You might think that this is a long time, but keen in mind that you are working and earning an income as an apprentice. Also, you learn a great amount of very important information from the licensed electrician(s) that you work with as well as in the classroom.

How much money can an apprentice make?

While income will vary based on where you live for every career it can also vary based on the type of electrical work you’re doing, such as residential, commercial/industrial, lineman, etc… If we look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics most recent wage information for electricians we can use the lowest earnings average of $14.13 per hour and $29,400 per year as a good estimate.

Why the lowest earnings? Simple, an apprentice is the entry level position for trades. Keep in mind that this is the least amount of income you should earn, on average, as an electrician.

While these are some of the common questions people have about apprenticeship in the electrical trade you may have more. Please leave those questions in the comments below.

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