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6 Tips On How To Get An Ex To Want You Back

Who wouldn’t want to re-experience the wonderful, joyous and romantic moments they once spent with the love of their lives, but can’t do so as they have sadly broken up now. We are always taught that whatever happens in life happens for a reason, for our betterment. But sometimes you just know it when a person you are or were dating was the perfect for you and nobody can replace them. And when you break up with that ‘perfect’ somebody, life turns upside down and inside out, in short, life stops making sense. To get it back on track you need that person to re-enter your life. That my friend is not as easy and simple as it sounds. Hence, in this article I will be sharing with you some tips on how to get an ex to want you back. These are some do’s and don’ts you might want to take care of when you decide to pursue your ex again and want them to fall in love with you all over again. Date with the westword tips can result better. Those tips are as follows:

Tip 1

Reassess all the factors leading to you break up, correct them and become the person your ex fell in love with initially. You first need to consider all the reasons for breaking up with your ex and also why you want to get back with them. Is it to repair your bruised ego, to challenge the feeling that you can never have him back, or because you actually still love your ex? If it is anything except love, spare yourself from the trouble and trauma to get your ex back to you. Also, remind yourself of the reasons that made your ex fall in love with you in the first place. Become the same person he loved and shove off all the negative and pessimistic factors from your personality.

Tip 2

Carefully decide upon the first words you say to your ex when you want him/her back and use your past to your advantage. Whenever you decide to talk to your ex about getting back or reconciling, you have to choose every word you use very smartly to ensure you don’t drive them away further, but draw them closer to you. Crying, protesting, requesting them to come back does not work, instead it backfires. Use the memories that you share to your advantage and rekindle the feelings of love in your ex’s heart by wearing the same outfit he/she used to like, the perfume they loved or anything which attracted them to you.

Tip 3

Find out if your ex is still concerned about you or hook up on you. this is very important as it helps to determine the strategies to use later to get your ex back depending on the amount of love and care still left in their heart for you. While talking to your ex, if you get the feeling that they still care about you the chances of you two getting back together brighten up. However, if you get the hint that they don’t care about you as much, subtle ways and tactics need to be adopted to further find out and ensure that they start caring for you again.

Tip 4

Ask him out for a coffee or lunch. Remember you don’t want your ex to get the hint that you want them to want you again, instead you want to keep it light initially and meet over for a coffee to lighten things up. But DO NOT bring up the topic of your break up, unless your ex initiates it.

Tip 5

Tell your ex that you were thinking about them and invite them over to casually talk to you. Tell your ex how you visited the restaurant both of you dined at or how walking on the beach reminded you of your ex. This will make your ex feel valued and realize that you still care. Also, casually bring up the topic of your break up to get your ex’s perspective on it and what should be done.

Tip 6

In case of a recent break up adopt the ‘no contact’ rule. This may sound very difficult to abide by but trust me, by contacting your ex over and over again immediately after breaking up will degrade and demean your image in your ex’s mind and make you look needy and desperate. This will reduce the chances of getting your ex to want to back in the future.

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A person who is new in dating or is going out for the first ever date of their life fee; nervous and don’t know how it works. So, there is no harm in searching for some expert tips and following them, it is not necessary to fake things out, let them be natural.