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Are you a fan of “The Office”? Then here are some interesting facts you should know!

The Office was first aired in 2005 and since then it has never looked back. It went on to become one of the greatest tv series of all times and has millions of fans worldwide. Even today after the show was aired for the final time in 2013, people haven’t stopped watching it. If you are a true fan of this series, then here are 5 amazing facts you should know.

  • Theme Music Was Selected by The Cast 

The theme song chosen by the lead actors has now been chosen by the cast as the iconic theme song for the show, written by Jay Ferguson. In a 2018 interview with IndieWire, Steve Carell said that producer Greg Daniels gave them four options. This is everyone’s favorite music. “But we all chose the main theme,” Carrell said. There are 4 versions of the theme song from different artists, all sent to us by producer Greg Daniels. And all the actors also said that they were very much satisfied with the theme. Hence, this theme was finalized in a collaborative effort at the end.

  • The Real Scranton

The Krasinski show actually took place in Krasinski, but was actually filmed in Los Angeles. But every episode of Office has Scranton. This is actually seen in the show’s opening credits. After watching, you can see John Krasinski encrypting the role of Jim Krasinski, who traveled to Scrington in 2013 to interview several newspaper vendors for research.

  • The Office Museum

Greg Daniels reveals that he has everything from fake office Olympic medals to season 9 paper airplanes. He also hints that NBC is considering opening a museum for the show. Steve Carell’s success changed the fate of the office. This museum is supposed to have all the memorabilias and the vital memories of the cast and crew of the show. It is a great place for all the fans of this show who can have a closer look at the items.

  • Steve Carell’s success

The office adapted the English version for the first season. Towards the end of season 1, a 40-year-old girl with Steve Carell appeared in theaters and made a big star out of her. Then the creators of Office decided to tone down Michael Scott. Starting from season 2, there will be significant changes in the program. All of this can be attributed to the success of Carell.

  • Seth Rogen as Jim?

 during the show, Seth Rogen and Adam Scott auditioned for Jim Harpert. Later, Scott played a similar role in Parks and Amusement. Bob Odenkirk auditioned for Michael Scott. He did not play the role, but then starred in a comedy series that was aired in a different channel later on. So, if that had happened, you would have seen a completely different person for the role now.

Here are some amazing facts and trivia that will help you to get a more insight into “The Office” television series. Make sure to check out The Office quiz on SolutionTales.

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