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How Many Cards In A Tarot Deck – Learn about the card reading

You may encounter this sort of question like millions of times, “how many cards are there in a Tarot deck?” As a matter of fact, we all know that Tarot has so many varieties out there when it comes to the types of deck of cards. Also, what we don’t really know about it is that the number of cards in any specific spread can’t be the same since there’s no standard about it. What’s more fun here is how alike all meanings of the suits across the decks become, but we may detect the clear difference among those illustrations. In other words, a great variety of themes attaching to each of the decks would not be the same at all.

You can check these affordable tarot reading sites online to meet with the desired results. Make sure that the charges are affordable to the people. There is a need to know about the availability of the cards on the online site. The interpreting of the themes is essential for the people. 

Some of the most commonly used themes in every reading can be included nature, animals, fantasy, and dragon, etc. However, the most popular Tarot deck that can be used and favorite the most especially in the U.S. is none other than the Rider-Waite deck containing about 78 cards in total. In a card deck like Tarot, there are only two card groups named “Major Arcana” and “Minor Arcana”. Now come to check out how many cards for real in a deck.

Tarot Cards In a Standard Pack

A classic Tarot playing deck is said to be the original version of a French design, which has a different name, Tarot Nouveau. The deck consists of all face and numbered layouts kind of like that of the 52 card deck. We can’t claim the exact number of cards contained all across the decks while the themes attaching to each card will be very different. In a deck, Major Arcana is believed not to have any connection with the suits in which the cards will be associated with all kinds of principles, concepts, and even ideas. From the number 1 to 21 with the card 22 marked as zero. Its entirety reflects the strength, sort of long-term energy, and even big happenings in your certain aspects of life.

One card drawn from Major Arcana is said to aim at one particular subject plus another same one from Minor Arcana would tell us one fact that this area of your life is getting less important in the lifetime. In sum, the entire Tarot would be mostly known as Tarocchi, Tarock, and other similar names are all included in one typical set of cards (78 cards in which 21 so-called Trump cards, one Fool card, 4 other suits of 14 cards each, and 4 face cards). Moreover, basing on the game we have the Fool as the top or trump card to be able to avoid following suits. According to several occultists, both Fool and trump cards are grouped into the Major Arcana while 10 pip plus 4 court cards per suit are considered as the Minor Arcana. The Court cards are Queen, King, Page, and Knight.

Various styles of Tarot layouts can be easily seen through the style illustration of Marseille design or Swiss Tarot. Know what? In Florence, a capital city of Italy region, another creative deck called “Minchiate” was said to be popularized at that time with 96-card deck. This deck contains all esoteric symbols of Astrology, Tarot elements as well as other conventional motifs. In the area of art, some artistic Tarot decks would be comprised of only 22 cards.

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