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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers is an American actress and comedian. She was born in 1933, as a daughter of Russian Jewish emigrants. After school, she worked several jobs before started career in entertainment. She worked in comedy clubs, played in theater, movies and on TV. She also worked as writer and TV host. She hosted many TV shows that are a combination of classical talk show and comedy acts. She was married two times and has a daughter Melissa, who is also an actress and producer. They worked together on the reality show about their life. Joan Rivers plastic surgery is very common and no secret, and she often makes jokes about them. So, let see is there enough material for a good TV show or not?

Before starting with the article, a celebrity preferring to go for plastic surgery is nothing new in current times as you can find them all over the world just to correct a few facial features with Anand Spa in New York being a regular hub for plastic surgeries and Botox so as to enhance their good looks as they feel that they deserve better but in the 50s and 60s it was revolution as Joan Rivers was a huge name those days but let’s see where it all began.

It all started in 1965, when she had her first eye lift. With ages, her face continued to change. She did nose, chin, cheeks, facelift, Botox and much more. Name some facial plastic surgery, and you can count she did it at least once in her life. Many people claimed she overreacted, but Joan Rivers cares only about her opinion. Her daughter, Melissa, tried to convince her it is not smart decision, but with no results. Joan claims she did over 700 procedures, which probably puts her high on the top of the jet set plastic lovers. Joan Rivers plastic surgery has gone too far, if you ask me.

It looked quite tolerable for a long time, but somewhere at the beginning of the 21st century, it finally reached absurd category. When you see seventy and some year’s old women with no wrinkles on her face, you have to wonder is it normal. Today Joan Rivers looks more like mannequin in the window then the real person, but continues to go her way. Psychiatrists could say several things about that, but I guess we all understand it has gone way too far, and Joan Rivers is a truly plastic surgery addict. Joan Rivers plastic surgery is perfect example how things should not look like, and you have to ask yourself who is crazy enough to do that. Still, I must admit Joan Rivers has attitude that says, “I do not give a damned”, and you only have to admire to that. Her open acknowledgment of numerous plastic surgeries and her constant jokes (“I put so much plastic inside me that when I die, my body will be donated to Tupperware”) are showing she still has some common sense behind that mannequin face.

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