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Laser For Neck Pain Treatment Is Also Effective

The use of laser in the medical treatment is growing. In the past, laser was only used to treat acne and hair loss. Laser therapy is believed to be able to cure neck pain now.

Neck pain treatment usually uses physiotherapy, myotherapy , chiropractic therapy , neck pain exercises or pain medicine. However, recently it was discovered a new method with laser therapy for neck pain treatment.

Research headed by Dr. Robert Chow of Brain and Mind Research Institute at Sydney University, Australia showed that therapy with low-level radiation is safe to reduce neck pain.

A total of 820 people treated for neck pain become participants for this study. Researchers used a point scale to determine differences between treatments using laser and using ordinary light. There are two trials for acute neck pain: the group given laser light and ordinary light. The first group received low-level laser therapy in which the radiation beam of infrared light focused on area of neck pain. The result, obtained 70 percent of patients reported to experience pain reduction.

While the group two given ordinary rays did not experience the change of pain. Beside that, the experiment was also conducted on people suffering from chronic neck pain. Patients who got 4 times of laser treatment said that the neck pain can be diminished, and there are 20 points in the neck who experienced pain reduction after neck pain treatment with the laser. Treatments like Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics are very crucial so you can protect your spine and still have the right posture as you age.

Results from low-level laser therapy are more advantageous than with other therapies that are usually used. Especially with the pharmacology intervention, the side effects are rarely found and it is effective for reducing neck pain.

Pain in the neck is predicted to become an important medical problem in some countries, so that the neck pain treatment which does not require medicine and has no side effects would be more interesting. But the use of laser therapy as a treatment of neck pain should also be careful and clear about the safe radiation level.

Drug regulatory authorities and the United States Food Administration (FDA) has approved this laser device to treat neck pain, this agreement shows that the technology is safe for use as a neck pain treatment.

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