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Our goal as your Lodi dentist is to make sure that you have the most positive experience possible. We understand that coming to acan be a stressful experience, and have learned that the best visits are the routine ones. A routine visit is simply you coming in to prevent some of the common oral health problems that may occur. Preventative medicine is part of a holistic approach to dental medicine that we believe will make all your visits much more enjoyable. This website is a natural extension of that philosophy. We know that the internet is the place to go when you have a question.

The days of picking up the phone and calling a dentist have been replaced by conducting a search on Google. This is not always a bad thing as you can get a lot of great information online. The challenge arises when people try to self-diagnose. It does not matter if you are looking for plaques on the wall or a buildup plaque on your teeth, there are plenty of places to get lost on the internet that can leave you confused and often misinformed. Instead, we want you to be able to seek out information from a reputable source – our Lodioffice. After reading our blog, we hope that you will call and schedule an appointment so that we can determine the extent of your oral health issues and treat them

As a Lodi dentist, we perform a lot of routine procedures. We rarely see any strange or rare illnesses coming through our door. In fact, most of our patients come in for routine stuff like getting their teeth cleaned, fixing a cavity that we found, or asking about a child’s braces. Ironically, the most common reason people come in to see us without an appointment is a common toothache. This is the second most frequently cited reason people miss school or work. Toothaches are not always bad. In fact, more often than not your toothache is a direct reflection of making a bad choice of food or using your teeth for something that they were not intended for. However, if you have a toothache that over the counter pain medication cannot stop, that reoccurs frequently, or one that becomes deep or sharp in nature, there may be something else going on and you should visit our Lodi dentist as soon as possible.

Cavities are the most commonly treated problem in our clinic. A cavity is formed by the secretions of oral bacteria. Oral bacteria live in the mouth harmlessly until they are allowed to colonize in large numbers. Brushing your teeth, and visiting our dentist office at least twice each year will help to keep these bacterial secretions to a minimum and make a significant impact on reducing your chances of getting a cavity. can be very helpful in making a purchase of the supplement and provide your mouth an ease from any oral problems. The reviews for the supplement are found to be very good and causes barely any side effects. Other than this you can visit out dental care for further solutions. In our dental office, we can treat whatever oral health problems that you may have, ensuring that you can stay healthy as you age.

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