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Office Furniture And Design Should Support Your Well Being

You spend more than a third of your day in an office environment. Chances are, however, you do not give as much thought as to how your work surroundings and the selection and arrangement of office furniture can affect your health. While you seldom have a hand in choosing the buildings that your office is situated in, being aware of what elements in your workplace to watch out for will help you keep yourself safe and healthy.

The field of ergonomics considers how the design of equipment and devices fits the human body and its cognitive abilities. In an office setting, it allows an employee to work in comfort with no need to over-reach, employ awkward postures, nor sit or stand for unnecessarily long periods. While some cases of bad office setups require complex analysis from Jasa kontraktor interior and task redesign, sometimes the proper selection of office furniture and their arrangement can go a long way in promoting wellness in the organization.

Your workstation, for example, should be equipped with chairs and desks that allow you to sit straight with your feet flat on the floor and your arms at a ninety-degree angle when working on your computer. If you find yourself slouching or having to stretch to reach your computer, you are putting undue stress on your spine which can cause you back problems later on.

Storage spaces are another consideration. When you find yourself over-stretching or stooping to reach items in office cabinets, shelves, or pedestals, your office storage spaces may not be optimally situated.

Lighting also plays a major role in office comfort and productivity, as well as in reducing fatigue or stress. Natural light is best but you can supplement this in your workplace by replacing your old-fashioned fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs with full-spectrum lighting. This kind of lighting gives off a natural and balanced range of light that is as close to sunlight as you can get indoors. It has been found that not only does full-spectrum lighting bring out the vividness in colors; it also reduces eye fatigue and your stress levels and improves your mood.

Clutter should always be avoided as these can cause work disruptions and accidents. Office furniture, equipment, and devices, as well as their corresponding wires, cables, and connections, should be properly arranged or stored to prevent mishaps.

Health and safety at the workplace deserve a lot of thought, not only from the management but also from its workers. With these tips in mind, you can contribute to creating an environment wherein wellness is a norm.

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