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Social Media That’s Killing Your Business

It’s 2014, and the integration of social media with business has become more necessary than innovative.

When businesses first started realizing the potential for social media in 2007/2008, there was an obvious, desperate scramble for interaction with potential customers.

It was an awkward time; no one really knew what they were doing, and it was painfully obvious.

Over a half-decade has passed since then, and that has allowed for social media strategies to be conceived, tested, and implemented. In the scurry to exploit the benefits of social media, a series of trials-and-errors was what eventually fleshed out what is right and what is wrong.

What Are You Not Doing on Social Media That’s Killing Your Business?

No Social Media Strategy

It’s well-established that being active on social media platforms is imperative to a business’s success, but doing so without a plan can kill whatever benefits the platform may give, and in order to make your social media marketing successful you have For an entire generation of people, the ones who grew up using social media for personal reasons, a whole new field of work has been created. They are being hired because of their familiarity with the technology, and because they just know how to use it. Watching older generations slowly become active on different forums was an awkward lesson in how not to use social media.

Determine what you want to get out of your social media profiles; don’t just post because you feel obligated to.

Wrong Content

Using social media to reach out to an audience will only get you so far. Sales pitches often fall on deaf ears, while constant self-promotion and tales of past successes often serve to anger and alienate your target base. Prior to social media’s explosion in popularity, blogging had experienced a similar rise to fame. Like social media, blogging can be therapeutic; it can be social, and it can be used in a professional spectrum– often by combining the therapeutic and social aspects it has. Company blogs are often neglected, and when they are stocked with new, original content, it’s usually forced and fake-sounding.

Blogs are a way to connect with the audience– to personify your company. It also gives variation to a social media strategy, while still focusing on the importance of engaging the audience.

Oversaturation or Neglect

As alluded to above, oversaturating the target audience will eventually turn them off. The purpose of using social media for businesses is to connect with customers past, present, and future. There is a fine line between posting too much and maintaining social media profiles.

Conversely, neglecting social media–whether it be completely, or on a more sporadic basis–doesn’t look professional at all. It’s not necessary to post three times a day, or even twice, but it certainly does not look good to customers when they see that the company’s Twitter account hasn’t tweeted in four months. Sticking to a comprehensive social media strategy, and having original, timely content to link to combine to make the confusion and mandate of being active on social media both germane to your business, as well as easy.

For all the benefits that social media can offer a company, it’s no sure thing. Make it work for you because it can, and use it to its full potential. Like anything, learning to harness its abilities is part of the process, don’t forget that.

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