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The State of Marketing

Results from the recently released IBM State of Marketing 2011 show that while many new marketing channels and mediums are opening up – social media and mobile media chief among them, there is also a sense of confusion and information overload among marketers who are asking for better analytics and the corresponding tools to turn findings into action to drive meaningful results.

Here are some highlights of the report, which can be found in its entirety here…



The three biggest obstacles facing marketers in terms of processes today are:

1. Measurement, Analysis & Learning

  • In years’ past, IT support was the #1 obstacle; this year over half of the marketers surveyed have clearly identified their new #1 priority: Take collected data and turn it into action; real, measurable action

2. Lack of Integration

  • Over half (53%) said they want more integration across all channels and to do that…
  • 87% said they want a more integrated software suite

3. Better IT support of technology needs

  • Despite its being overtaken as the #1 need among marketers, IT will always play a vital role in marketing as witnessed by the over half of respondents who cited technology as the key to productivity.



One would think in this über interactive, social media crazed world, marketers would be actively engaging in Interactive Marketing…

That doesn’t appear to be the case:

  • Only 10% of the respondents currently take advantage of Interactive Marketing across ALL channels compared to
  • 50% who said they do so across SOME channels

As to why Interactive Marketing is not being utilized within their company:

  • 55% said it was due to their existing organizational structure, corporate culture or internal processes
  • 50% blamed existing systems and IT infrastructure


The value of Web Data is naturally very important to marketers yet an alarmingly low number by comparison actually put it into use once they have it…

  • 92% appreciate the value and importance of Web Data yet
  • Half or less use the data to apply to it customer analyses and campaigns
  • As to why they don’t use the Web Data, over half stated it was due to their existing systems and that the data was too disparate, AKA too siloed



Not surprisingly Mobile Marketing – with smartphones and iPads flying off the shelves, has taken on a much bigger role for marketers…

  • Over 40% currently using mobile marketing tactics
  • 25% planning on doing so in the next 12 months


Ok, no ugly but here’s one man’s conclusions:

  • [[GOOD]] With email becoming in vogue again and emerging media platforms such as social media and mobile marketing more popular by the second, there are now a seemingly endless array of methods and opportunities to have a meaningful, bottom-line increasing dialogue with your customer
  • [[BAD]] On the other hand… this same seemingly endless array of methods and opportunities has made it harder than ever before to keep up, literally. Confusion can reign supreme very easily hence the need for marketers to stay on top of their game and/or work with agencies who can help them find their way through this digital terrain we find ourselves in

Ok, your turn… what do you think of the current State of Marketing?

If you’re a marketer where does your company fall in relation to the answers above?

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