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Tips For Building Muscles With Intensity Techniques

Guys, mainly the bodybuilding aspirants, often go really crazy when they see a wallpaper of Coleman lifting some five hundred pounds for a bench press or eight hundred pounds for deadlift. Seeing such wallpapers will definitely motivate you, but one must understand that they are not just there to motivate, but to follow. Heavy weights have always been a boon to bodybuilding workouts and have helped each bodybuilder to expand their muscles and give them a much better look. I have seen many bodybuilding trainees who are consistent and punctual with their workout, which remains the same without any considerable change even after several months of rigorous workout. This is where I think the word “Intensity” plays its role.


If you keep on performing your bodybuilding workouts with the same amount of weights without even thinking of increasing the intensity of your workout, you are making no efforts in increasing the amount of muscles you have. The word intensity is nothing but the ways you use to stimulate your muscles in order to develop and improve them. This word might have many different meanings in the bodybuilding arena, but the ultimate one is to make muscle gains without overtraining. Following are some of the best tips for building muscles with intensity techniques.

Tips for Building Muscles with Intensity Techniques

  • Load

A perfect blend of heavy and light weight sets will definitely help you in building your muscles. Loading your weights is the best intensity technique to perform your workout and get quick results. It is seen that lifting light as well as heavy weights will induce hypertrophy, which is the best way to impact your muscles. Also, lifting weight that reaches muscular failure stimulates hypertrophy the best. The hypertrophy that occurs when there in an increase in the size and number of myosin and acitin filaments in muscle tissue is known as myofibrillar hypertrophy and usually occurs due to lifting of heavy weights for less repetitions.

Another method for increasing your muscle size is by lifting light weights for higher repetitions and is often referred as the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This is the easiest way of increasing your muscles size; however, it refrains you from gaining strength. Beginners are often suggested to go for the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy intensity technique, as it helps them is getting used to lifting weights and also gaining quick results. However, one must not just stick to this type of hypertrophy and should gradually switch on to mypfibrillar hypertrophy, which helps you in gaining strength along with muscle size.

While considering load in your intensity techniques, you must make sure that you perform any of the hypertrophy type mentioned above with a muscle failure attitude. Lifting a light weight only for a few repetitions will never ever give you positive results. There are distinct websites dealing in so many health and body supplements. You can click site that you trust the more and that is reliable one with its products and services and make a purchase online. Make sure that your workout is challenging. If your workout isn’t challenging, then you aren’t training intensely.

  • Volume

Volume during bodybuilding training is nothing but the amount of work performed or exertion occurred within a given workout. To understand this term easily, consider the amount of work performed with the number of sets performed during your training session. Ideally, one to four sets to failure are more than enough for each body part to stimulate maximum muscle growth. However, if your primary goal is to increase muscle size, then multiple sets with high loads are always recommended. Such type of muscle increase is often referred as hyperplasia in scientific terms and is completely different to that of hypertrophy.

In hypertrophy, your muscle size increases with an increase in the size of existing muscle cells, whereas in hyperplasia, new muscle cells are generated in order to increase your muscle size. The endocrine system present in the body is responsible for the hormone generation within the body and works according to your training volume. This system correspondingly increases the levels of serum testosterone and optimizes the adrenal hormones by performing a high intensity workout of high load and multiple sets. Also, one must understand that high volume training can be directly connected to overtraining and create severe problems like decrease in lutenizing hormone and free testosterone.

The high volume training program may also lead to the chronic catabolic responses to cortisol, which is usually caused due to the improper functioning of cortisol levels. It has also been seen that consistent high volume training leads to down regulate androgen receptors, which are important constituents of resistance training. Thus, one must make sure that even if your are implementing multiple set intensity techniques in your workout, you must not perform it for a long duration. Also, a maximum volume of four sets till failure is sufficient for achieving the desired muscle gain results.

The above mentioned description about load and volume in the intensity technique workouts will help you in understanding its importance while building muscles. Thus, one must pay special attention to the different ways they undertake to perform their workouts to increase their muscle size.

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