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What Is The Effect Of Cosmetic Surgery On Health

Look beautiful and sexy is the desire of all women including young women. They usually imitate what is done ol; er their idol, including beauty equipment. At the young age of most of them want to try everything that any new risk.

For example, especially teenage girls in the big cities have always wanted to follow the trend, lifestyle or way using makeup the idol, which sometimes do not think the side effects of what he does from the style is too forced to make up the effect of excessive allergy to cosmetic facial damage.

Cosmetics can not be separated from the teenage girls. Because for many teens consider cosmetic can add to the beauty or the beauty of their appearance, but not a few teens think make up or using cosmetics, little inconvenient if you lack the skills and then make up seem redundant or not natural.

RevitalizeYou M.D. will offer comfort and convenient of the individuals. There is the offering of the convenience to the people. The teenage girls will get the beauty on the face. The appearance of the girls is with the best tools to offer a boost in the self-esteem. The results are better than the other spas.

So they are a major reason some teens to perform cosmetic surgerykeyword (cosmetic surgery) are considered to seem natural, durable and enhance their confidence. With the splendor of the artist perform cosmetic surgery openly either Indonesia or asia artist who often become the idol of the youth, will be embracing the actions of the teens in cosmetic surgery (cosmetic surgery).

The teenagers who perform cosmetic surgery (cosmetic surgery), at high risk for health problems. Its positive impact can change the appearance of better and increase self confidence teens. But the negative effects of cosmetic surgery for health include:

The skin will absorb the mixture of hazardous chemicals found in cosmetics that can cause damage to skin tissue to face.

For teens who have sensitive skin will result in cosmetic allergies that can damage the face.

If the chemicals used in cosmetic surgery contain phthalates, triclosan, parabens and muks can cause cancer and hormone disruption.

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