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5 Mistakes Many Opticians Make On Their Website

The single most important marketing tool in your practice is your website.

A great website will do a number of different things. It will educate prospects about why they should pick you instead of your competitors; build your credibility with your chosen audience; and generate new appointments.

A bad website (or no website at all) not only fails to do those things; it can actually stop people from choosing you.

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You see, before anyone buys from anyone these days they Google them. If the website that crops up looks like it belongs in 1996 and is full of spelling mistakes, the business will be judged as past its best days. If there’s no website to look at, your prospects don’t have the information they need to make a buying decision.

Here are 5 mistakes many opticians make on their websites:

The web pages don’t immediately catch people’s attention

You’ve only got three seconds to grab someone’s attention when they land on your website. If you don’t they will hit the back button.

The fastest way to grab their attention is to demonstrate that you are relevant to them and that you can solve a problem for them. This is done by adding a powerful attention-grabbing headline. I don’t mean “welcome to our website”. I mean something that speaks directly to the visitor and makes them realise they have found the optician they are looking for.

It’s not clear what to do next

You know you want people to book an eye test. But does your website tell people that’s what they have to do next? And how to do it? What number should they call; what email address should they use? Your contact details and the instructions on how to book a test need to be at the top of every web page.

There aren’t enough ways to get in touch

Some people like to phone. Others prefer to email or fill out a form. Text messages are best for others, or instant chat. How many ways do you allow someone to get in touch with your practice? Can they book an appointment directly on the website at 4am Sunday morning? Can they send you an email and reliably get a reply with 30 minutes?

The most reliable way to communicate with someone is the way that suits them, rather than the way that suits you.

Things aren’t placed where people expect to see them

Is your navigation on the left or at the top of the page? Is the search box at the top right? Is the contact us page the last option in the navigation?

These are the places people expect to see them. They’ve been trained that way by thousands of other websites, all benefitting from millions of pounds spent in something called usability testing.

This is where test computers track people’s eyeballs as they look at the screen. A researcher will say to the test subject “can you click the home button for me please” and track where the majority of people look.

Website visitors have little patience. If the thing they’re looking for isn’t in the first place they look, they get annoyed. And they hit that back button.

There isn’t enough content

People Google something either to get a question answered; get some more information about something; or research a potential purchase.

If the search brings them to your website and you don’t have the answers they need, that’s frustrating. And their mouse heads for the back button.

Your website needs loads of content – at least 10 pages – and the content needs to engage the reader. If they’re engaged with your marketing materials, they’re significantly more likely to go on to book an appointment with you.

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