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What Are The Supplements That Truly Serve Something?

Body Building Info-Surely if you have looked at any store of supplements or entered on forums or blogs of bodybuilding you may have seen that there are a myriad of supplements which, it seems, are the panacea and will make you become a rocky colossus simply with taking them.

You can pick the safe steroids for bodybuilding to have the desired results on the health. The reduction in the weight and fat burning is possible with ease and simplicity. The choosing of the supplements will require proper information about them. It is providing a lot of benefits to the people.

There are such a variety of supplements like imagination publicities it, need only to look at a sale of supplements page at random and see all that there are: Tibullus terrestris, blocking of fat thermogenics,CLA, ZMA, L-carnitine, trimmers, congestionadores,testosterone boosters,… just missing some grow hair.

With this we reach a point where all we have wondered, hundreds or even thousands of times, which are the supplements that truly serve for something, and this is the purpose of this entry, try agglomerate supplements that truly serve something and some points to keep in mind about the rest of supplements.

Miraculous supplements

Most of the rest of supplements will not give us or 1%of what they promise and are based on a misleading and aggressive advertising showing effects in many cases without positive studies, as it is the case of the L-carnitine, which apparently promotes fat burning but there is only a study that confirms it with obese people.

Also in almost all magazines and supplements shops ads leave professional bodybuilders or hyper definitions models and muscled talking about the excellence of products, just view ads of nitric oxide which promises large congestions and gain and leave bodybuilder staking veins everywhere, when those bodies are only available based on steroids and hormones.

What they never say is that most of the time if it works is due to the placebo effect in the one who takes them, i.e., if the person who takes for example troubles believes that he is doing well you may see results that do not exist or that the mind makes that more efforts and body react better , but has nothing to do with the supplement in question.

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Supplements that work

Surely there is someone else who may have a minimal support, but as we are not competitors in bodybuilding or fitness, we will focus on the 6supplements that are those who actually have quantifiable benefits and can benefit something to us:


Compounds of mineral and/or multi-vitamin:

on many occasions diets that continue to burn fat and nota cumulate more tend to be devoid of fruits, vegetables and legumes… with the 1will the contribution of micronutrients is a little under that thanks to this supplement, you can reach the minimum quantities that must provide the body.

Protein powders:

Although many people believed to be miraculous and harmful, not true at all, is simply isolated protein, a way to give the body an extra of itto reach the minimum contribution required to regenerate muscle. It does not promise anything, it’s like eating chicken, so it works the same.


it is the most common amino acid in muscle and plasma, used in the synthesis of proteins, helping to repair the muscle fibers in training. It has properties, helping to keep the muscle during the diet.

Branched chain amino acids or BCAA:

are essential amino acids that must be provided by the diet. They provide energy to the muscle in situations of intense exercise; they promote protein synthesis and help to not catabolizar with intense exercise.


it is a nitrogenous organic acid that is founding the muscles and nerve cells. Delays fatigue helps increase strength and muscle mass, and even improved anaerobic exercise.

Green tea:

is without a doubt the best type of tea that exists, and can be taken in capsules or infusions. It is ideal for burning fat, has a lot of antioxidants for the control of the free radicals that are released with intense exercise, reduces cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease among other indications.

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