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6 Reasons That Anxiety Makes You Fat

Anxiety is a tough customer. Not only it can wreak havoc on your mind it can also impede your health goals. Studies have shown a link between losing weight and lowered anxiety levels. This discovery could drive people to start eating better and to exercise more for a healthier weight. Still unconvinced? Read on and find out why anxiety can get in the way of keeping a healthy weight.

Anxiety will make you eat more. Anxiety gives people a bad mood. Most people compensate for their despair by eating their comfort food. There is nothing wrong if you snack with carrot sticks. However, most people would eat a lot of fast food or sugary foods. It is when people suffer from anxiety that they become prone to experiencing emotional eating. Emotional eating leads to mindless eating that makes people indulge in any food without being conscious of its nutritional content and its quantity thereby making them fat or obese. The high-fat, high-sugar diet can lead to insulin resistance and eventually towards developing type-2 diabetes. That is why reviews on Leptitox suggest that you should avoid such diet plans no matter what. Here, supplements like Leptitox can help you out by providing you all the necessary nutrients that your body needs.

Anxiety will make your mood gloomy. It is common knowledge that gloomy people tend to eat more. However, a gloomy mood does more damage than just pushing you towards an eating binge. Gloomy people are less likely to think straight and make unhealthy decisions like drinking alcohol and other banned substances. Alcohol gives you lots of empty calories which can be stored as fat by the body if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

Anxiety elevates cortisol levels. Cortisol levels tell us that the body is subjected to too much stress. Cortisol is a fight or flees hormone which is good if we are about to be attacked by a mugger. It is not beneficial when there is nothing worth fighting for. High levels of cortisol in the body bring down testosterone levels. Testosterone is a critical hormone in muscle building. Low levels of testosterone give your body an opportunity to store fat which can be dangerous. When fat surrounds the vital organs, it can raise cholesterol and insulin levels which may result in various heart diseases and type-2 diabetes.

Anxiety makes you sedentary. Anxious people tend to be sedentary. Their dampened mood disallows them to become more active. Sedentary persons get fatter and less healthy. People who are anxiety-stricken would often find themselves sitting on the couch and watching TV all day or they would just prefer to stay inside their bedroom and refuse all invitations of going out. Too many calories in the body will turn into deadly fat which can impact the liver, heart, and pancreas as well and increase the risk of having a stroke.

Anxiety can make your cholesterol levels go haywire. Anxiety can raise your cortisol and adrenaline levels. This has a direct link to increased levels of cholesterol and one reason for this is the sedentary lifestyle that anxious people have. Their refusal to go out and be physically active has deprived their bodies of enough exercise and cholesterol build-up starts to occur. Cholesterol is known to fuel obesity which can lead to a fatter body. It can also increase the risk of getting atherosclerosis and also cause strokes which can be fatal.

Anxiety makes you hit a weight loss plateau. Cortisol can indirectly cause you to hit a weight loss plateau. When you hit a weight loss plateau, you will become uninspired to go on with your fitness regimen. You are virtually pushed to a corner with no chance to escape even if you struggle for freedom.

It is important for people to first acknowledge that they suffer from anxiety. Once you acknowledge this fact, find ways to better cope with it and get rid of its crippling symptoms. This is the first step in getting help to cure anxiety. This will eventually give you a push to become healthier. If you manage your anxiety well, the next life you are going to save could be yours.

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