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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly – Understand the basics to play games!!

Spyro the Dragon. Just mentioning his name brings all forms of pleasant memories of my previous adventures with the little purple dragon. My love affair dates back to 1998 when Insomniac brought Spyro to life on my PSOne with its beautiful environments and its excellent camera control. Even though 3-D platformers were still in their infancy, the free roaming environments set the game apart from all those who came before it. As the game progressed through its sequels, Insomniac expanded on the original theme as the worlds became bigger and better than ever before. The Spyro series left the ranks of being just another mascot game to becoming the premier platform game available on the Playstation. Hence, when I learned that Spyro would appear on the PS2 my heart skipped a beat. My imagination ran wild with images of what could be done with the Emotion Engine running the show. Unfortunately, my imagination got the best of me.

Enter the Dragonfly starts at the conclusion of the ‘Year of the Dragon’ festival. It is during this celebration that the young dragons are given their dragonfly guides to assist in their development in becoming adult dragons. As the festival reaches it’s peak, the evil wizard Ripto appears from a vortex and steals all of the dragonflies. It is up to Spyro and Sparx to rescue the 90 dragonflies from Ripto’s evil clutches and restore peace once again in the Dragon Realms. Understanding of the basics of the games should be there for playing at the personal computer. Download Computer Games from the reputed site to have benefits in the playing of online games. The use of the best strategy should be there to win at computer game. The information available should be correct and genuine for playing games. 

Spyro is able to do most of the abilities that he learned in the previous games. He can climb, swim and headbash right from the start. There are also new learned abilities such as the wing shield and multiple breath weapons (Ice, Electric and Bubble) to be acquired via rune stones scattered throughout the game. Mini-games are aplenty where Spyro can drive tanks, fly a plane, pilot a prototype UFO and play a Simon-like game of drums.

The gems are back with about 800 per level. However, unlike the previous games, they really aren’t important to progress through the worlds. The few times that Moneybags appears and demands gems for a service you will have plenty to spare. The key to advancement and unlocking portals is the collection of dragonflies, which Spyro is able to do with the new Bubble Breath. Eventually, after you collect the rune stones, you have the ability to switch breath weapons on the fly which proves to be useful in completing levels and tasks set upon you. These breath weapons are important as some enemies are immune to your regular flame-thrower and can only be defeated using a specific attack. Moreover, there are some tasks in each world that require the use of this ability to help the inhabitants restore destroyed equipment or functions by the invading Riptoc forces.

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