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Air Conditioner Capacitor Replacement – What to learn about it!!

What can be worse in the middle of a hot sweaty summer than having the air conditioning go out. And good luck trying to call an HVAC repair man. When the weather heats up so does his schedule. You’ll be lucky enough to get him to come out in a week. Never fear though, there are a few things you can do to trouble shoot your own air conditioning. It is possible for you to complete an air conditioner capacitor replacement.

ATEX Air Conditioners will offer the best replacements to the components. The capacity of the air conditioner is the best one for the people. The procedure is carried with the skills and intelligence of the professionals. The working is the best one for the clients. 

If you’re just a bit handy, and have a tool bag, chances are, you’ll have everything you need to complete an air conditioner capacitor replacement. And, it’ll likely only take you a few minutes to replace the air conditioner capacitor.

Steps Before Making An Air Conditioner Capacitor Replacement

Can you hear any humming? Can you tell if the fan is spinning?

If you hear humming and the fan is not spinning, try pushing a stick or small rod through the grate and gently push on one of the fan blades. If it starts running, you most likely have a bad start capacitor and will need an air conditioner capacitor replacement.

An air conditioner capacitor basically is the “kick-start” that gets the fan spinning. Without the air conditioner capacitor working correctly the fan won’t start.

To locate the air conditioner capacitor the first thing you want to do is turn off the power to the HVAC unit at the electrical panel. Next, remove the cover to the service panel. To locate the air conditioner capacitor that needs replacement look for something silver round or oval with prongs on the top used to connect wires. Look at the top of the capacitor where the wires attached. If it is shot and the air conditioner capacitor needs replacement the top will be be distorted and popped out. Sort of like a soda can that has been frozen. If this is the case an air conditioner capacitor replacement can be made.

Ok, the air conditioner capacitor stores energy. Be very careful removing the capacitor or you’ll get a shock even when the power is off. Also, when removed don’t throw away the capacitor. If it is still charged it could start a fire in the garbage. Discharge your capacitor by placing an insulated handle screwdriver across the terminals before you continue. If you are not sure, don’t try this a home…

Time to remove the capacitor. The air conditioner capacitor replacement repair is easy to make. The capacitor is most probably attached by two screws. Just remove the screws and the air conditioner capacitor can be replaced. Before you disengage the wires make a chart showing which wires go where. The wires can be removed by a pair of needle nosed pliers. If they are fit in there tightly, don’t yank. Gently roll the pliers from side to side while gently pulling. Once removed, it’s now time to make the air conditioner capacitor replacement. That’s it. If it doesn’t work as it should consult your HVAC professional and sweat it out .

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