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Boxer Dog Health Information – Get The Correct Information

Prospective boxer buyers should get the Boxer Dog Health Information from the breeder. The buyer should get proof that the litter’s sire and dame are free from diseases like dysplasia and thyroid diseases. Hip dysplasia can be determined by testing breeding stock before mating. Hence dysplastic dogs should not be bred at all. And thyroid dogs should be bred carefully to non-thyroid dogs. Dysplasia can be corrected only by surgery and it cannot be controlled. But thyroid disease can be controlled by medicine.

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Boxer Dog Bloat Problems

The life-threatening disease called bloat is an important part of the Boxer Dog Health Information. It is common among boxers, because they are deep-chested dogs. However, it can be lessened by feeding the adult dog twice a day. You have to stick to a premium dog food diet for the boxer and no table scraps should be given, especially if the food is spicy and rich. The boxer should be given enough time to digest his meal, before you make him exercise. However, the boxer should receive treatment from a veterinarian, as soon as the symptoms of the disease are noticed. It cannot be completely prevented, but arrested.

A Reliable Breeder

These diseases do not occur in all boxers, but there is a chance that if the breeding is not right, the diseases may appear. Get all the Boxer Dog Health Information from books or internet sites before you choose a boxer as a pet. These are potential health problems, but an ethical breeder will provide health certificates, answer questions about the dog’s breeding stock and give you all the necessary Boxer Dog Health Information as well. Sometimes breeders even offer contracts and guarantee the health of the dog, because they are sure of the breeding,

Most of the inherited diseases can be greatly reduced in boxers, if good breeding is practiced. Most of these diseases are genetically inheritable diseases. Allergies and deafness are also common health problems for boxers. There are several tests which are available to screen for serious genetic diseases and which should be done on all breeding boxers.

For Boxer Dog Health Information you should get to know the potential health problems of the boxer. It would be wise to consider obtaining dog health insurance, as the treatment of many of the diseases in boxers can be costly.

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