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How to Build Your Very Own Map in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of this era, thanks to a hoard of interactive features that allow the players to fully engross themselves in the game, in a world unto their own. In Minecraft, you can extract raw materials, build structures, craft tools, and reform the terrain. One of the most interesting aspects of this game consists of fully taking things into your own hands, even to the extent where the players themselves can build maps. So, what are you waiting for? Sign in to your MC account for free today, and get crafting!

The Basics

It is important to note that making a map in Minecraft is quite a skilful process and requires patience and knowledge about the basic features and functions in the game. Nevertheless, it is an interesting feature that can help make art for houses and bases and survival purposes. 

It would be best to first navigate to the ‘Miscellaneous’ section under the ‘Creative’ menu to get started. 


What you will need in the process of making a map are – crafting table, eight papers, one compass, and of course, your brains. 

Crafting Table

The first step is to make a crafting table, which will guide you through the rest of the process in making the map. It would be best if you started by converting the logs into wooden planks. To make the planks, you will be required to place the acquired logs into one of the slots in the survival inventory crafting table. Open the inventory and select the 2×2 default crafting menu, and then place the logs into each slot of the crafting menu. The crafting table is hence created, which you can drag into your inventory for later use. 


The next step in the process is to make paper, which you can get from sugarcane. Now, although sugarcane plants are easy to find in almost any water sphere (since they grow close to biospheres, you can find them in the vicinity of lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.), it is always recommended to grow a sugarcane farm first and thereby collect all the sugarcane products that you need. To make one piece of paper, you need three sugarcanes. To make paper, place the three sugarcanes in the middle row of the crafting table. This will produce the paper, which you need to drag to your inventory and keep for later use. 


The next step is to make a compass, which requires materials like iron and Redstone. Although Redstone is an abundant mineral in Minecraft, what makes it difficult to obtain is the fact that it can only be mined with an iron pickaxe, which you will need to craft separately. 

To make the compass, you will need a furnace, seven iron ores, and one Redstone. Simply place four iron ores and 1 Redstone on the crafting table in such a way that the Redstone lies at the centre, and the iron covers all four edges and surfaces of the Redstone. Once the compass is ready, drag it into your inventory for later use. 

Once you have all these materials, including paper and compass, you are all set to making your very own map in Minecraft!

The Process

Once you have all the materials ready, place your crafting table and open the crafting table GUI. 

Next, you have to fill in all the gaps except the middle, which amounts to 8 square gaps in total, with paper. Finally, in the centre gap, place the compass, and you are good to go! This will make the map, which you can then use in Minecraft. 

Alternate Process – Using Seeds

The other interesting way by which you can make a map in Minecraft is through “seeds.” 

Minecraft worlds are generated using random seeds. You could theoretically and practically make a world of your own in Minecraft by taking the process of map creation into your own hands. 

Using the seed system allows you to share a seed with your friend so that they can enjoy it, and in turn, they can share seeds with you. Further, it allows you to easily search on the Internet for seeds through which both users can enjoy the same map in their games. 

To make a map by utilising the seeds, you can simply open up the Minecraft world creation screen by clicking “Single Player” and then “Create New World.” You can name your world anything you like, after which you have to click on “More World Options.”

In the “Seed for the World Generator” box, place the seed of the map you want, and you are all set to enjoy fully experiencing that map!


Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm since its inception in the year 2011. The reasons for its outstanding popularity are quite easy to ascertain – not only does it provide its players with a unique way to kill time by fully integrating themselves into the game, but it also offers them a way to make a world of their own inside the game, through the exploration of terrains, the creation of articles, farming, managing resources, building houses and other structures, and so on. Making a map in Minecraft is the pinnacle of the world exploring in gaming, wherein the players can choose the very kind of world they will engage in. Hence, not only is Minecraft’s popularity valid, but it is also exceptional in the sense that it allows you to make your own maps, and since players can enjoy their MC account for free, no wonder that millions of people are playing this game. At present!

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