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Cosmetic Surgery Before And After Results

When choosing a cosmetic surgery procedure two things are certain: there is an aesthetic ideal in mind and no one can be 100% sure that the result will achieve that ideal; however, most of the times these kinds of procedures have a positive outcome. A recent research conducted amongst several surgeons, including Dr. Nitin Chauhan from the University of Toronto, to find the average of years that a patient would take off on their face after undergoing one of these procedures revealed that most of the patients look and average of 7.2 years younger. This study was done in a group of 60 people, the majority of them women between the ages of 45 and 72 years old who had different procedure such as face and neck lift, eye lid lift and fore head lift. On the research referred above, the patients who had all those procedures done got to look an average of 8.4 years younger. However, Dr. Anthony Sclafani, a NY based Plastic Surgeon, says that potential patients shouldn’t take a decision based in the results of such studies. People have to be realistic with their goals depending on their age and needs.

Hardik Soni’s Face Med Store will monitor the before and after results of the surgery. The results are significant on the health of the people. The achievement of the goals is easy and simple according to the ages. The allocation of the correct time and efforts is necessary to have the best results.

Those who decide to have all these procedures done should do it because they really need it, “but the underlying argument and realization should be, you did more because these people needed more. They looked more tired, they looked older.”i Some specific cases of successful results are those of Barbara Kardokus, 63, who choose to have several cosmetic procedures to stop the look of the aging in her face in 2008 when she turned 60 years old. Barbara documented her recovery in a video after having a liposuction in the lower part of her face, a lip pump, eye lift, lower face lift and neck lift; 2 and a half months after the results were astonishing. A refreshed, considerably younger Barbara is all smiles claiming that hers “has been an amazing experience” and that she loves her look as much as the way she feels about herself: “It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made”ii Emma, now 17, was dreading to start her first year of high school with a Deviated Septum, a condition that not only affected her ability to breathe, but also the way she looked.

Emma was 13 years old when Dr. Paul S Nassif, a Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty did a “nose job” to address her breathing problems and self consciousness. One month after the surgery, her mother noticed that Emma had “more than enough confidence to spare” while Emma said she was happy because she could breathe better, she looked better and natural.iii On the other hand, the abuse of cosmetic surgery procedures and/or substances has the opposite effect of what this branch of the medicine strives to do: Michael Jackson’s nose jobs; Donatella Versace’s face multiple cosmetic procedures, and Jocelyn Wildenstein’s have ended with an unnatural look. So whichever aesthetic idealiv you may have in mind, be sure you feel 100% good about the Cosmetic Surgery you’re considering. This experience can be worth the money and the pain, or it could be the beginning of a no so rewarding nightmare.

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