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Laser Treatment Tattoo Removal – How To Do It?

Looking into laser treatment tattoo removal? Find out the pros and cons of tattoo laser removal and whether it is the right treatment for you. Tattoos have been around for quite some time now but have increased in popularity within the past ten years or so.

The patients can see it here at the official site the effects of the hair loss and facial hair removing. The laser treatment is eliminating or removing tattoo from the body. There are no side-effects available to offer a different and unique look.

It is estimated that close to ten percent of the U.S. population has at least one tattoo and are probably thinking about their next one. While some people just get one tattoo and stop, there are many more people who don’t want to stop at having only one, and even may admit to having a tattoo addiction. I am sure you have probably either known people or seen pictures of them in magazines or other places that are basically covered in them from head to toe. I personally have contemplated the idea of having one done, but the pain combined with the permanency of one has kept me from taking the plunge. Thus, I am very glad for whoever came up with the idea of wash-off ones that come with no pain, the ability to change them every few days if I so desire and they even amazingly sometimes look almost real! But, back to those of you who are brave, not afraid of pain and have an actual real tattoo, specifically those of you who are having second thoughts about the tattoo you picked (maybe your ex’s names or initials perhaps?!) maybe you are wondering just how to get rid of your now unwanted tattoo and don’t know the best way of doing so.

Tattoo Removal

In the past, people have tried various ways of attempting to get rid of their tattoos by having it excised or cut out, through surgical scraping of the skin or more than likely unsuccessfully using tattoo removal creams that at best might have lightened the tattoo just a very small amount. The cutting or scraping of the skin can actually result in further damage to the skin and quite possibly excess scarring as well.

Another method that is used by some practitioners to get rid of tattoos is IPL laser treatment. Apparently is less painful than laser treatment and the results are effective, but some experts don’t recommend the use of ipl for tattoo removal.

Laser Treatment Tattoo Removal

There is a way that is quite possibly the best way for having your tattoo removed and that is by having laser treatment done. Notice I said the best…not the cheapest way. The cost can be quite high and since it is considered a personal choice or cosmetic surgery, it is doubtful if any health insurance plan would pay anything towards the treatment. Laser treatment tattoo removal works by breaking down the ink which will be expelled from the body with the help of the lymph nodes. Some colours are easier to remove than others. For instance black and blue ink are the easiest to remove, warmer colours are next and greens and yellows are the most difficult to remove. There are three lasers that are most used to vanish tattoos. Q-switching is the technique used by these lasers, and refers to the laser’s short, high-energy pulses.

Cost Of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal prices can range anywhere from $250 to $850 depending on the size, colors and areas where the tattoos are located. If you have a fairly large tattoo it will be more expensive and can be as much as thousands of dollars.

Although a laser treatment only lasts for just a few minutes, many sessions are usually required and are normally split over a four to eight week period, depending mostly on the size and complexity of the tattoo.

Laser Tattoo Removal Side Effects

After the treatment you will be given some anti-bacterial ointment and bandages on the treated area, and your tattoo should be kept elevated to avoid swelling and left out of the sun since that area will now be more sensitive to it. You may feel a minor sunburned sensation for a few days and possibly redness for a few weeks. There are very few if any known side effects from laser treatment; however the treated site is now at risk of infection. Your treated skin area may end up being lighter than the rest of your skin or perhaps even darker. There is a small chance that the treatment can leave you with a permanent scar. The best advice all around if you’re seriously considering having laser treatment tattoo removal is to research enough until you find a reputable dermatologist or cosmetic surgery center to be sure you have the best care possible. Even better would be to get a recommendation from your physician in finding that best professional treatment for your tattoo removal.

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