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Does Marijuana Use Cause Aggression Or Not

The “Marihuana Prohibition Act” of 1937 is familiar to most as bunk. Prohibition was started to deter immigration, and the reports of violent acts committed by marijuana intoxicated individuals are ludicrous. Marijuana is a sedating drug, and it usually produces mild, pleasant, hallucinations; not the kind of drug that people have wild homicidal trips. But every now and then marijuana gets mixed up in a major crime again, like the “Miami Zombie” incident a few years back where a homeless man was attacked by someone under the influence of only marijuana, purportedly. What’s going on here?

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“Potheads” sometimes garner themselves a reputation for being irritable, lazy, and mean. While that’s still a long way from being a maniac, it does leave some people wondering if marijuana is really safe.

No drug is safe. Even over the counter medications like Robotussin can trigger psychotic episodes with misuse, and not every drug is safe for every individual. Marijuana does heighten paranoia and anxiety. Some people that use marijuana for recreational purposes even enjoy the emotional stimulation that marijuana gives them, but people that have a history of psychosis, mood disorder, or anxiety shouldn’t use marijuana because of its ability to trigger anxiety attacks. Sensitive individuals may have very serious reactions to being intoxicated. While it is extremely rare for a person to become violent during a psychotic episode or anxiety attack, it is advised that during a serious episode other people should be more cautious about interacting with the person.

People that have mood disorders and anxiety may also experience more intense withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, loss of appetite, and restlessness are common symptoms of marijuana withdrawal. Marijuana users that are beginning to feel anxious can benefit from having a conversation with a supportive person, but friends should try to refrain from touching or restraining the person for any reason.

But simply, marijuana does not cause violent crimes and people with mood disorders are not really more prone to criminal behavior than most people. They’re just more vulnerable in bad situations. The most sound way to avoid incidents is to abstain from heavy use of marijuana if you have a history of mood disorder, and to avoid using marijuana with other drugs or alcohol. Seek an understanding family member or reach out to a counselor if you continue experiencing negative mood changes.

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