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Lord’s Mobile Gaming- Application for Unlimited Entertainment

The perfect way to pass time within the confinements of four walls is to lay back on the bed, pick up the remote, switch on the TV and watch your favorite movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime because Covid-19 has increasingly restricted work and doing the same from home isn’t helping as much.

However, we are in 2020 and there are many better options than that because while OTT platforms do have some interesting content, it also has many incredibly bad films that many people can’t digest as conservative audiences are revolted by seeing so much violent, sex afflicted and raunchy stuff that are impossible to sit through with the entire family.

The youngsters have an easy way out for this as they can tune into their mobile phones and try out interesting games like candy crush saga, mandible claw and their ilk but today we are going to talk about a make belief action adventure that has been popular ever since it was launch a few years back.

Brief Description

The game in question is Lord’s Mobile that was launched back in 2016 on both Android and Apple store with some interesting changes in the story so that it can be set apart from the numerous games dominating online portals.

Most of the games that we get to play these days are faithful copies of the video games we played during the 80s and 90s when super Mario, Contra and Dangerous Dave dominated the scene but this one is loosely similar to AFK Arena but not a copy of it so as to clear certain doubts.

Lord’s mobile is a video game for many seasons developed by IGG when the Chinese market was going great guns with some interesting finds to rival the Japanese market, whose product was AFK that had quickly captivated half of Asia within a year but when Lords came out, they had to admit that they’d found a strong competitor.

It is a strategy based game where you have to tackle the monsters in their stronghold by creating your own army base that comprises of heroes, whose qualities include strength agility and intelligence for these are the basic foundation for achieving success in a perilous mission like this.


Lords Bot is an exciting venture led by Forrest, who is classified as the Grove Guardian and is the leader among heroes that comes from Woodlands, a mystical place with superhuman inhabitants but due to dark forces in the arena, he wasn’t allowed to leave the confines of home.

Joan is another excellent warrior in the group with leadership qualities that can put even the most powerful army to shame is given the moniker of ‘Rose Knight’ whose father was a war veteran but was bereft of mother’s love during childhood.

You can say that fighting was in her genes so she sneaked out of her forest home for safe haven where she encountered Felicia and Sparky, future companions that would aid her in a daunting mission but quite surprisingly, she is against war and wants to avoid it as much as possible, which is why the rose in her name and symbol signifies peace and tranquility.

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