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Rainbow Six Siege- Venturing into Gaming Territory

Life is a big race where you have to keep moving in the rat race with no time for looking back to dwell over past mistakes and only focus on what lies ahead because destiny is the one pulling your strings where it uses you for target practice by shooting bullets in the form of challenges and obstacles at every level.

Let us not get into real life tensions because the mind has already become twisted and warped with fear due to immense stress in personal and professional matters so therefore, we are going to keep the discussion fun and lighthearted with an interesting take on a video game that many people are and aren’t aware of.

In this age of games and movies to look forward to with OTT platforms as an added bonus, Rainbow Six Siege is like a breath of fresh air where you can avail some interesting moments in the times of real life siege in the form of Covid-19 and people need something to take them out of such grim surroundings.

Content Effect

Rainbow Six Siege is basically a shooter video gaming venture where you have to target practice for tackling various dangers that lie in wait for you as the game progresses on.

It is a Canadian venture developed and published by world renowned gaming developer Ubisoft Montreal launched in 2015 on Android, Xbox, PlayStation 4, Microsoft and other mediums where it quickly captivated the younger generation with its innovative technique.

At first glance, it would give you vibes of numerous Hollywood action flicks while the protagonist is a cross between Terminator and Robocop but the multilayered coating suit is so profound that it produces a content effect that has to be seen to be believed.

It is basically a franchise called Rainbow Six that was launched way back in 1998 that is similar to its modern day version albeit it catered to those times, which means that certain sequences would look jaded and cheesy.

It was named after renowned American writer and author Tom Clancy’s novel of the same name, who insisted on adding his name first so that viewers would know about the inspiration behind the game.

People that are fond of espionage thrillers and terrorism movies will find this venture right up their alley with violence and adult content added in equal measure.

Best Operators

The players involved have to first create rainbow six siege accounts to log in and then get the list of levels that they need to cover and they are 21 of them that have come out since 1998 up to today with another one in the pipelines for next year.

Hibana is one of the best operators who is very versatile in nature where her powerful weapon, X-KAIROS, has pellets that cause a huge explosion and reduce their targets to rubble and marble.

Ash is a good example of girl power along with Hibana because she is strong and agile, who runs at such a breakneck speed that confuses her enemies, which is when she goes for the kill.

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