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Techniques For Building Muscle Mass You Can Trust

So you’re interested in building muscle mass but have no idea how to proceed. Is working with a fitness instructor the best way to gain muscle? What about that training video you saw in an infomercial at three in the morning that said it had the best way to gain muscle? Should you believe the most current revolutionary fitness breakthroughs being promoted by the so-called experts?

Before considering the best practices for building muscle mass, we ought to look at all the vast amount of gobbledygook and horse lucky out there and try to understand why there is so much of it. Besides that, the knowledge of different human growth hormone supplements for height is also beneficial when it comes to muscle building.

Why, for example, did sit-ups go out of style? Sit-ups were abandoned and replaced with ab crunches. They, in turn, were said to be only effective if you did them with the assistance of particular products advertisers claimed would enhance their effectiveness. If you didn’t use said merchandise, so-called experts in the fitness world claimed you were just wasting your time and energy, and you would persist in being flabby.

The questionable facts and statistics which is concerned with improving your physical fitness that we receive from the news media and other outlets – including most recent claims about the best way to gain muscle – are motivated by greed and lust for profit. Established companies have an enormous interest in doing whatever it takes to keep the public ignorant – because they know they can best promote their products with words such as “new,” breakthrough” or “revolutionary.” If they want to go on cranking out items that can be advertised with these terms, companies must constantly be coming up with new so-called facts to substitute them with the old lies they used to sell last year’s junk.

The food industry does the same thing. Just look at the constant flip-flops in supposedly scientific discoveries about the healthiness of eggs. Why in the world can’t “science” make up its mind? If you put your trust in the mainstream media, you live in a world where facts are changing and transmogrifying themselves every day. That which you take to be fact will last for the brief period of time it takes for companies to sell products around those facts – then the facts change.

There are many companies out there with whom you can stick and receive information that has thoroughly tested and has been utilizing for years. The best companies out there will are confident that we do possess the best way to gain muscle and they can prove it. A growing community of people have been using these techniques and are not only building muscle mass but hanging on to it permanently – unlike so many people who gain muscle mass only to lose it in a matter of months.

22 Mar 1999, New York, New York, USA — John Ostensoe, 26, buys bulking supplements at the Elite Value Center health food store. — Image by © Najlah Feanny/CORBIS SABA

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