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Turning Fat Into Muscle How To Turn Fat Into Muscle

We often hear about people claiming them have turned fat into muscle – this is still a widely held belief, but is this really possible? Turning Fat Into Muscle

I feel it’s time to set the record straight – it really is IMPOSSIBLE to turn fat into muscle. Fat and muscle are two completely different types of body tissue made up of completely different cell structure, at no time can they miraculously change into one another! The physiological processes of building muscle and burning fat are completely unrelated.

In my view this myth came about because through the combined effect of building muscle, crazy bulk and losing fat appears as though a person has turned their fat into muscle. This is simply an illusion that has actually put a lot of people off regular muscle building exercise because they believe if they build muscle, as soon as they stop that same muscle will turn into fat!

Despite this all is not lost – your body may not be able to convert fat into muscle but it can sure as hell lose fat and gain muscle which creates that illusion! I’m going to talk here about how you can do just that!

If you are one of those people who believe muscle building has no place in a fat-loss regime, you need to realise a few facts;

  1. For every pound of lean muscle mass your body burns 50 calories per day even while resting! In other words, the more muscle mass you have the more calories your body will burn! Turning Fat Into Muscle
  2. An intense weight training workout actually raises your body’s metabolism for up to 39 hours after exercise. This means your metabolism has been stimulated therefore you will burn even more calories!
  3. During weight training your body uses your body’s carbohydrate stores for energy – the more intense the workout, the more carbohydrate stores are depleted meaning your body relies on fat to re-fuel during recovery.

Knowing all this it is imperative that during any weight loss diet you use weight training or else at least half the weight you lose will be muscle. This leads to a slowing of the metabolism and major weight regain once the diet routine ends.

So when all is said and done, although being able to turn fat into muscle is absolutely false, the illusion of this statement can be witnessed if you follow a quality nutrition plan and combine it with a highly intense training program. So it is time to get up and go at it – armed with this valuable advice you can turn that ‘couch potato’ look into a sexy beach body in a matter of weeks. Turning Fat Into Muscle

Whey protein is quickly digested, providing a rapid rise in amino acids that may help increase muscle mass and strength. It may also reduce appetite and promote fat loss. While whey protein concentrate retains some lactose, the isolate version contains extraordinarily little because most of this milk sugar is lost during processing.

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