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Back Pain

What Types Of Surgeries Can A Spine Surgeon Perform?

One can be under severe pain in the back and may need to know the issue causing it. An initial diagnosis could clarify the real reason behind the back pain and might require surgery in case of herniated spine or fracture. Otherwise, a spinal infection is also possible due to a tumor that could damage your neural organs as well.

The Herniated Disk Needs The Removal Of An Infected Disc

Discs are located between every two spinal vertebrae, and they are essential to keep the spinal bones in place and serve as a bearing that holds the bones in place when a person makes a motion of back mainly. Now you might know how crucial these discs are, but it often happens that any of the discs get displaced due to some unexpected event and could lead to severe pain and hurt the other spinal organs.

Deep-Diving Can Also Lead To Vertebral Fractures

The vertebrae or the backbone could sometimes break due to a sudden hard impact either during an accident or sometimes also happen to divers who go in deep water. The water pressure could damage the bone, which is painful and may even lead to paralysis. Spine bones injuries are pretty severe and cannot be ignored

Disk Diseases That Are Progressive And Worsening

Many types of spine disease directly harm the spinal cord or discs and infect the human spine’s functioning. There are the possibility of spine tumor, spine infection, and other similar threats. Some cervical spine diseases could damage the spine’s flexibility, and many of them are rather irreversibly deteriorating if not removed through surgery.

Spinal Fusion – A Surgery For Spinal Deformity

Spinal fusion is done in case of degenerative disc diseases, or mainly in spinal alignment issues. The spine curve often begins to deviate from its ideal posture, leading to pain, deformity, and many more problems. One could start to feel non-productive due to consistent posture pressure and fatigue caused due to it.

In such conditions, spinal fusion is performed in which two vertebrae are locked in a particular position with metal rods, screws, etc., to hold them in place. This is done unless the spine begins to adjust itself back in ideal formation and a healthy bone is formed around.

Vertebroplasty – For Osteoporosis Or Typical Fracture In The Spine

Often spine bones could fracture in an osteoporosis situation, or one could otherwise get fractures in spine bones in case of an accident. These broken bones could also shatter furthermore and spread, causing pain and deformity.

To cure this issue, artificial bone cement is injected near the spinal area of a broken bone. It is useful to hold the fractured pieces together unless complete healing of fracture is not done. The cement also lowers the pain in some time.

It is supposed now you are clear that What Types of Surgeries Can a Spine Surgeon PerformIf you are also looking for surgery, you should consult your physician and further make an appointment with an expert to choose the right option for you.

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