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Advanced Youtube Vanced Features With Better Functions

Youtube vanced app

Youtube Vanced is an advanced version of YouTube. It adds various features that the official YouTube app will not have. These features are background playback without YouTube premium, ad blocking, dark theme, and much more. The Vanced app is usually known as the injected YouTube Background Playback app. It plays YouTube videos in the background in the picture in picture mode. It has a lot of features that interest the people.

Features of YouTube Vanced

  • Ad-free YouTube – it plays videos without annoying advertisements.
  • People can use the gesture to control volume, brightness, and zoom. They have to swipe the control the sound, pinch the screen to zoom and up-down for the video’s brightness.
  • It provides a toggle theme that switches between white, dark, or black background.
  • People can even play the video in the background of their Android devices.
  • It provides an auto-repeat feature that plays the video continuously without hitting replay.
  • There is a picture in picture mode that is enabled while using other apps. People can continue watching the videos in this mode while doing other work simultaneously on other applications.
  • People can even customize the playback speed of the video they prefer.
  • It allows people to set video resolution as they prefer.
  • People can set the VP9 or HDR control.
  • People can override the maximum resolution in the Vanced app.

YouTube Vanced renders the UI by using the YouTube API. It is a high-performance version of the YouTube app available. Various customization features make it stand out in the market of apps. The picture in picture mode makes it famous as people love to watch videos without any interruption. But if they want to do something important on the phone and need to use other apps, they can do that without stopping the video they were watching.

Safety and Legality of YouTube Vanced

The privacy of personal data is necessary for people these days. The reason why YouTube Vanced is not available in PlayStore is that google has its YouTube app. People have to download YouTube Vanced from other sources. It is completely trustworthy and safe to use.

Many people wonder whether the Vanced app is legal or not. It renders the content of YouTube. That is why the app is not illegal to use and download the content. So, people are free to use it and enjoy its features without worrying about their privacy.


The benefits of YouTube Vanced hook up people to the application and its features. There are no threats of security upon downloading anything from the application. People do not need to worry about a breach of security. There is no need to root or de-root the device while using the app, as it perfectly works on any device without glitches. The application allows the users to create the playlist of their choice. They can personalize their playlist according to the likings and preferences. Enjoy the customized features of the application from anywhere at any time. People can use it with an internet connection or download the videos to watch them offline.

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