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Dry Herb Vaping Technology Benefits

There’s a lot of hype in 2016 about new types of vaporizer technology and all the types of things that will benefit your experience. From different mods to different heating elements all the way to the different attaschments such as water tool attachments, vaporizers have their benefits for using them and there’s so much technology to go by. You have to set some time aside and figure out what type of method you want to consume. Do you want to vaporize oils? Waxes? Or herbs? We are going to go over everything and mention the different technology in each method and figure out what will work best for yourself. If you smoke weed everyday with a joint or blunt, you’re doing way to much damage to your cardiovascular system which is very bad and is going to harm your health over time. We want to reduce all the risk and figure out the best methods for you and then we can enhance your choices with the best possible dry herb vaporizer.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Technology Basics

There’s conduction vaporizers which is when you have a metal coil that heats up, produces heat and your botanical rests directly on top of the heating element. This type of technology is beneficial for oils and waxes and should only be used for these types. Sometimes when you buy a pen vaporizer kit, it will come with a conduction attachment for herbs which should only be used seldomly. There’s different atomizers you will want to use for your botanical the vapes with conduction heating technology.

Coils –

Titanium Coils are the strongest and most durable types of coils to use on for your waxes or oils. Typically the titanium is handwrapped around a silica wick or used with a cartridge and doesn’t need a wick. The best types of titanium coils utilize a surrounding of a quality atomizer base, quartz crystal glass is the best glass to use instead of ceramic glass. Quartz Crystal glass is a type of glass that does not hold heat, so no matter how hot your chamber gets, the glass won’t get hot and over heat your botanical at all.


Quartz Crystal is the type of atomizer which will be the actual glass base and then you have the different types of heating elements. There’s so many from single heating rod coils to double heating rod coils which are typically for hash types of oils. When you’re vaping waxes or harder substances it is best to use the direct coil to take dab pull and then the wax will melt inside the cartomizer which is what will hold the botanical inside the atomizer base. Glass globe attachments work well with hard waxes and thick oils because your oils can actually sit inside the cartomizer for future use instead of cleaning the entire atomizer right after use like you have to do when you dab so there isn’t any type of mess involved. 2nd best option other than Quartz Crystal would be ceramic glass, surely doesn’t have the Quartz Crystal quality but still is a quality option to roll with when buying a good atomizer base. The majority of atomizers built are made out of Quartz Crystal so using oil & wax substances, there isn’t much to look into when looking fot quality atomizers other than basing the decision on the types of coils used with the atomizer and the actual heating chamber. But for dry herb vaporizers it is normally going to be a ceramic glass atomizer with a pyrex glass air-flow chamber and the actual heating element itself.


A vaporizer is important to use a quality battery. The batteries you’re going to want to use are going to power up the heating and last the duration of each session you impose so having a quality battery is going to be very important. Typically when buying a dry herb pen vaporizer, you will need a lithium Ion Li battery with around 1200mAH which will normally last a few hours. Battery length not only bases off the miliamps (mAH) but also the amount of heating power ir can reach. Normally dry herb pen vaporizers use a smaller battery as opposed to a portable vaporizer since they’re smaller, have less precise temperature control settings and typically hold less materials and use less battery power since the vape sessions are typically shorter in duration. There really isn’t many dry herb vaporizer pens that have long vaping sessions designed for long use and to use with friends, typically weed pens are made for smaller use and being used quickly for a few pulls is the result you’ll get wihth one of these devices.

Dry Herb Vape Pens

You should expect to have a dry herb pen vaporizer that will give you around two to three hours of continous use but have less temperature control settings and can’t reach Fahrenheit levels high heating like a portable can. The only important factor you want in an herbal pen is no combustion and a battery that’s reliable. The only draw-backs is the temperature controls, it is easier to have a dry herb vape pen use less battery to give you a wild heating level which would be heat that doesn’t reach a specific level. Normally for dry herb vape pens the heating chamber gets hotter from the consumer pulling out draws as the tubulant air-flow chambers act as heating synergy that help produce more heat from the force and pressure of the heat to give you high heating and more power. The best dry herb pen vaporizer to own is the Atmos Boss vaporizer which is a beautiful vaporizer that uses convection powered vaping technology, titanium alloy outer shell structure and laser embded etched design making it a unique vaporizer very reliable for getting strong pulls and dense but flavorful vapor. For $100 you could own the Atmos Boss and have a vaporizer that will get the job done.

Dry Herb Portable Vaporizers

These vaporizers will hold more power and have advanced controls. There’s portable herb vaporizers that have OLED screens to where you can set the precise temperature which is the exact setting you plug in and will heat the herbal chamber to what you set it to. There’s so much technology out there that it is becoming something that everyone is starting to take part in. Portable vaporizers have way more control than a pen vaporizer, although a lot bulkier but maybe more discreet, a portable vaporizer simply has more power and more control over a pen vaporizer. There are also more attachments for a portable vaporizer for the facts of enhancing the experience such as water tool attachments, perculatorrs, bubblers and with the more power you can add on wands and attach the vaporizer to a very expensive glass bong and instead of using the flame and inhaling the weed through a water bong, you’d be using the vapor and inhaling it for a cool vapor output. With smart technology, portable vaporizers are the more expensive but better option.

It is your call one the two you need to get because the fact of the matter is, that portable vaporizers are the most beneficial device to get with all the technology. Once you get into vaping a lot and get more experienced, you’re probably going to own both dry herb vapes for portable and pen. is a complete guide for the customers to shop the portable vaporizers online. buying vapes online is more trusted and safe as it does not cause any issue by maintaining the legality of the law affiliated to drugs. Is always a great idea to have a really good portable vaporizer and a really good pen vaporizer at your fingertips to give you the best possible vaporization experience.

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