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AFK Guide for Success- Enjoying the Gaming Process with Content Based Theory

The atmosphere has been pretty grim across the global spectrum due to the corona virus pandemic due to which everyone has been confined to their homes since the past many months with little hopes of recovery.

The citizens have no choice but learn to live with the pandemic as they are now continuing to do their jobs to make ends meet while those forced to sit at home are learning to bring the office atmosphere within the comfort levels of their home sweet home.

However, this isn’t about the work front through home but something a little more entertaining because let’s make the sad tidings a bit more energetic and lighthearted by taking you back to your childhood where video games, movies and comic books ruled the roost.

Briefing Point

We’ll keep the discussion limited to video game genre for the time being and in today’s times, the one that has been high on the popularity stakes is AFK Games that has become a huge hit with the youngsters of the new generation that swear by it all the time.

It is virtually a game of cards where the one with the biggest hand is declared the winner but it is neither your normal gambling venture nor does it belong to the category of FreeCell, Solitaire, and Hearts that you play on the computer but a full blown action packed adventure.

It would definitely give you the vibes of a Stallone or Schwarzenegger action flick with guns and fighting, only this time it is limited to how sharp you are intellectually and beat the opposition camp.

The game takes place in the fabled city of Esperia where there are two teams that have locked horns to achieve worldwide fame and rule the ancient runes for a long time to come.

However, it is not an easy game to begin with especially if you have not played cards before and so it is better to practice on a regular basis so as to achieve expertise so that the team would feel encouraged while keeping pace with the opponents and achieving victory.

Character Development

Just like any good action adventure, this game too has valiant heroes that strive to protect their kingdom from enemies and in the process put everything on the line so that the citizens can live in peace.

Estrilda is the first one that comes to mind that has tremendous amount of valor and courage to tackle many enemies at the same time as her exploits are so great that she has been termed ‘Knight of Valor’ by her peers and foes where one can write an entire book on her adventurous personality alone.

The next one in the list is Belinda, the inimitable that belongs to the Light bearers group of warriors that instills moral support in all the players and she has numerous monikers to her personality like ‘Beam of Hope’, ‘Lady in White’, etc. and her ultimate weapon is ‘Divine Light’ that has the power to destroy hundreds of soldiers and tanks n a single stroke.

Raine is a true blue warrior who is capable of fighting many people at the same time and has mauled the best of warriors on the opposite side and this persona instills fear in all of them due to her reputation of playing with her food before eating it.

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