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Best Way Shed Weight Loss – learn about the best ways!!

Most of the people can easily lose their weight in a successful manner if they perform researches and can find out that why 95% of the people are not able to lose the weight. But it has been found that instead of following this approach most of the people commit the same mistake again and again and this is the reason they can’t lose the weight. This article mainly deals with the role of diet in the weight loss, but you will be surprised to know that diets are considered to be the best of losing the weight.

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Diets: Making you fat

Let us take an example of the dieter who is a male and whose weight is 225 pound and has got the 25% of the body fats. Suppose he wants to lose his 25 pounds of weight. Now let us look at the statistics before the diet. His body fat content is 23%, fat weight is 56 pounds and the lean body mass is calculated as the 169 pounds.

Now this person figures out that the best way to lose the weight is with the diets. Hence this person goes for the calorie restrictive diet and consumes only 1500 calories per day. In the initial stages, all the things went in smooth and nice manner and the person was able to lose 6 pounds in his first week. But in the second week, this figure decreases to 5 pounds. So in total in he lost 11 pounds in just 2 weeks. Now as the period of dieting keeps on increasing the tendency of the body to lose the weight becomes less. In the 3 to 6 week, this person only loses 3 pounds a week. This means he again lost 12 pounds in next 3 months. So in the end of 6 months, the final weight of the dieter was 202 pounds. The man had achieved an outstanding figures and it seems that dieting has worked for him.

But if we consider this with a close look, then it will be found that diet is not successful at for him. Now let us focus on the stats after his diet. The main weighs 202 pounds, has got the 21% body fats, 160 pounds of lean weight and 42 pounds of fat weight. Hence it can be concluded that person only loses 14 pounds of body fat which is not a good figure after 6 months.

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