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Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Information – How To Get The Correct Information

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can be performed either traditionally or endiscopally, bust most commonly the surgery is done traditionally. Tummy tucks can be advantageous for individuals who need a little extra help in achieving a firmer stomach when exercise is not enough, or people who have recently lost a large amount of their body fat. These people may need to get rid of the extra skin that remains including skin that is still covered in stretch marks. The procedure is more elaborate than the mini tummy tuck, and the costs are more elaborate as well.

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The Abdominoplasty Procedure

Depending on the complexity of the tummy tuck, the procedure will take at least two hours to complete, however it can take up to five hours at most. To begin the surgery, the surgeon will make a long incision using a scalpel. It will not be in a straight line like the mini tummy tuck, but almost trapezoidal in shape. He/she will cut a few inches below the belly button, so that the scar, which may not fade for a year after the tummy tuck, can be concealed by clothing or a swim suit.

Once the incisions have been made, the belly button needs to be removed, so it will not be drawn to a lower position with the rest of skin when it is stretched. It will be replaced when it is time to close the incision. It is necessary to then pull away the tummy skin, so the surgeon may gain access to the muscle tissue underneath. When a tummy tuck is performed endoscopically, this step is skipped.

The surgeon will give the abdominal muscles a more firm appearance by tightening the muscle fibers, and extracting fatty tissue. This process is what provides the difficult to obtain hour glass figure. Sometimes, when there is too much fluid, tummy tuck drains will be attached to the muscles.

Since there is now less area to cover, the tummy skin is drawn down and the extra is removed. Stretch marks will be removed at this time as well. Unfortunately, only stretch marks below the belly button will be completely removed; any stretch marks that appear above the belly button are simply made less visible by the stretching of the stomach skin. Removing stretch marks is a plus to tummy tucks, and one should not undergo the surgery with this as the sole motivation.

After the muscles are firm and the fat is no more, it is time to seal the incision with sutures. The belly button is replaced, this time on healthy, beautiful skin and muscle.

Tummy Tuck Costs

The cost of abdominoplasty and tummy tucks can run from $3,000, but usually do not cost more than $10,000. It is highly atypical for a tummy tuck to be covered by insurance, because it is not deemed a necessary procedure. Unless there is an infirmity already present that requires the tummy tuck, like a hernia for example, you will most likely be paying for the surgery out of your own pocket.

Surgeon fees cover the majority of the cost; usually about seventy percent. However, there are sometimes there are hidden fees that will vary depending on how elaborate the procedure is. There will be an anesthesia fee, costing up to $1,000, maybe even more if your surgeon on anesthetizing you generally instead of locally.

Before the cosmetic surgery, most surgeons need to perform tests, as well as laboratory work. This is another cost. If you chose to have the surgery done in a hospital opposed to a doctor’s suite, there will be hospital/facility fees. And not to mention the costs that you must face after the surgery. Medications for side effects may or may not be covered by insurance, and often it is required to purchase support material, which must be worn by some patients following the tummy tuck to reduce swelling and bruising.

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