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Google Adwords Keeps You Competitive With The Analyze Competition Feature

It’s no surprise that the advice which says, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” comes from a military strategist named Sun Tzu, a Chinese general who fought wars way back 400 B.C. After all, in a war, one has to know the enemy so that one could anticipate its every move.

This advice today, however, is well beyond the context of war. It is relevant to people climbing up the corporate ladder; it is wise advice to women in vicious social circles; and most significantly, it is especially relevant to AdWords marketers like you, who must, like a military general, continuously study your competition so that you could get better leverage in marketing your landing page along with all the updates on 谷歌英文SEO, and consequently, get better online results for your products or services.

Analyze the Competition Indeed!

A few months back, Google launched the “Analyze Competition” feature. It is found on the “opportunities” tab of your AdWords account. Initially, this feature was open only to a select group of advertisers. Recently, however, AdWords revealed that it is expanding this feature, offering accessibility for all English language accounts.

The “Analyze Competition” feature allows you to study your account’s activity over a two-week period. It shows you the categories of products/services that you’re actively advertising in, and determines how well you are doing compared to other advertisers in the very same category. Your performance result is based on three factors: search terms matched against keywords; ad text; and your landing page text. A bar graph that highlights your individual performance is then generated on-screen for you to digest, and for you to strategize in optimizing your ad campaigns.

Google further reveals that on top of this, the feature also determines “the Google search terms that triggered your ad for each of the most specific sub-categories in your account.” To be able to know what your target market or your clients typed onto the search bar is a precious privilege. You could then come up with better keyword ideas as you improve your existing ads or as you create new ones. It’s like getting inside your customer’s head, one factor that is essential in any business.

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