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How To Make A Simple Mountain Bridge Minecraft Pocket Edition

Hey guys! As you may know, a lot of seeds are posted on MinecraftPECheats and our brand new seeds app has a bunch of crazy mountainous terrain, and when playing on survival mode, it can be quite difficult to travel across the different terrain. Hypixel YouTubers recommends that to solve this problem is to create bridges between mountains, and today I’m going to be sharing a guide on how you can make your very own mountain bridge with just wood!

Firstly you’ll want to find a place where a straight bridge can be created. Make sure that if you go in a straight line you’ll eventually make it to another mountain! Once you’ve found the right spot, place down four wood planks as shown below.

Next, extend the four blocks outwards and keep building towards the other mountain. Eventually, you’ll have something that looks a little bit like this! After you’ve done this, you could finish up, or you could add to the creation and make it look more like a bridge.

Next, you’ll want to create four blocks as shown below. Make sure the gaps between each set of two blocks are three spaces.

Next, fill in the spaces with blocks, and create a shape like the ones shown below. Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to do it on the other side of the bridge!

Now you’ll need to go underneath the bridge and connect the two sides together with fence pieces! After that, you’ll want to extend blocks downwards.

You’ll want to build something like this all the way to the ground. You’ll need to do this twice!

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