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Know More About Under Sink Water Filter

If you want to have pure water then you need to use a filter that will help remove odour,  taste and hardness. The filter can help in removing bacteria from the water and keep your water clean for safe consumption. However, before installing a water filter you need to know about the water filter in detail so that you choose the right one that fits your needs.  This is the review for the best under sink water filter to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying a water filter. The process of filtration is dependent on the quality of water that is available so make sure to choose the right filter that will make your water drinkable and healthy. 

Different type of filtration process

Primary there are five different types of filtration processes that are used in water filters. Among all the water filtration processes, mechanical filtration is one of the most common filtration processes where the water is passed through a filter that helps in removing chemicals, bacteria and other matters. Absorption filters and ion exchange filters are also very common in the filtration process. The ion exchange filtration process is a healthy and effective way of removing germs and other material that are to be found in water. All this filtration process addresses different problems of water cleaning. 

The functioning of the mechanical filtration process

Most of the under sink water filter functions with a mechanical filtration process. This process is quick and efficient. By applying this filtration process the water can be kept free from harmful particles as small as 0.5 microns. The mechanical filtration process cleans water by placing a barrier in the water flow and letting the water pass while keeping the harmful particles on the other side of the filter.  This is an effective way of making the filtration process faster and availing water at any point in time. 

The ways ion exchange filtration process work

The ion exchange filtration process is also a very effective way of cleaning water.  In some of the under sink water filters, ion exchange filtration is installed. The ion exchange filtration process helps in softening the hard water and keeping the water away from harmful chemicals. This is an effective tool to make your water free from bacteria and other germs that might affect your health. 


No one would like to risk their health by consuming unhealthy water.  However, awareness of the filtration process is necessary so that you can install the right filter.  The under sink water filter is an effective way of cleaning water.  One of the major advantages of this filtration process is that this filtration process involves an easy installation and it hardly takes any space in your under the sink. However, the filtration mechanism is an important factor that needs to be checked. If the water is hard and you need to soften the water then the ion exchange filtration process is the best for you.  Otherwise, the mechanical filtration process is an effective and cost-efficient way to avail clean water. 

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