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Setting Smart Goals For Your Relationship – Know about the goals

It is common that people who are great achievers in life also are people setting SMART goals. Majority of great triumphs and inventions were done because someone had a goal in mind, a vision of something that could be done.

Perhaps you have already heard about SMART goals. These goals are really smart if you ask us. They can help you to not only dream about something but to really reach your goals easier.

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SMART goals is a popular method among companies as it is found to be very effective to improve processes and increase performance and productivity. It brings clarity and security to everyone involved. But it can also be applied when it comes to relationships. Have you set any goals in your love relationship/marriage for the new year of 2017? Maybe you don’t know where to start. Well, this blog will give you some practical ideas how to set some SMART goals (S.M.A.R.T) for the new year.\

S stands for Specific.

What exactly would you like to attain in your relationship? Try to be as detailed as you can. It is likely that you won’t meet vague goals, but specific ones are more likely to be reached. An example could be, “I’d like to improve my relationship with my wife by taking my her out for one date every month.” Plan as to when you would want to do it, for example the last Friday of every month.

M stands for Measurable.

You should be able to know when you have reached your goal. Having a happier relationship is not really measurable, but investing time to complete a cooking course or salsa class together with your partner is. Basically you need a “tangible proof” that you have achieved your goal.

A stands for Attainable.

Is the goal you are setting realistic? It can be challenging, but it should be something that can be within reach. Here you should calculate the time, effort and cost that your goal will take and weight it with the profit of reaching it.

Let’s say you long to improve the communication between you and your partner. You set a goal that you will never say anything mean or wrong to your partner. Is this goal attainable? No, it’s not. It’ll very likely that you won’t be able to control your tongue every moment for the rest of your life. Instead, you could set a goal such as, “I will aim for total honesty and openness with my partner by never keeping secrets.”

R stands for Relevant.

Is the goal relevant to you? Is this something you really want? Why do you want to reach this goal? A relevant goal in the beginning of the new year could be to start exercising regularly together. The fun you will have together and the results you can reach when you improve your overall health and get more in shape would likely only benefit your relationship.

T stands for Timely.

Make plans and have a timeline/deadline that you aim towards. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but be flexible. You may not have a timeline for most goal you set for your relationship. An example could be to continuously express your love for each other. This goal have no deadline, it is something you aim to do for the rest of your lives together. Love and romance doesn’t have a deadline.

It is always easier to reach goals in your relationship if you are content in it. A study was conducted and published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The findings were interesting. Individuals that experience higher levels of satisfaction in their relationship also showed higher levels of goal focus and positive affect during goal pursuit. Hence, your motivation and chance of achieving your goals increases with the satisfaction level of your relationship.

To know where you are going in life and how you get there are important aspects of everyday life. It is essential to set SMART goals, especially if you aim to accomplish things that doesn’t come easy. Goals also show that you set priorities. What is most important to you? What values do you hold on to? How would you want to spend your time?

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