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Weight Loss

The Simple Way To Eat Food And Lose Weight

Why are so many diets so complicated. Sometimes it seems that you have to spend more time working out what to eat and when to eat that you have little time to think about anything else. On top of this some diets can be simply boring which kills your motivation and leads to unwanted cravings. Or it may be that the diet requires some “magic powder” that will turn you from being a wobbly blob into a lean mean sex machine over night – or not!

What are the ways to drink the best weight loss shakes? There are many ways available for the drinking of the shakes. Make sure that you are adopting the correct and easy way to get the desired results. Instead of other diet or drinks, you can choose the shakes to have the desired benefits.

Diets and dieting are a multi-million dollar industry with people all over the world looking for quick answers to help them lose pounds and inches of excess body fat fast. In the western world despite so many new “DIET” and “LOW CALORIE” versions of foods and drinks being available, the population is continuing to get fatter and fatter. Slimming Clubs, Books, Magazines, Exercise Classes etc all over the world continue to flourish with most getting at best temporary results often which are far lower than the weight loss that people were hoping for.

For the most part the answers are simple BUT the first thing that you need to do is to forget all of the misleading claims made by companies in order to sell their products. But if you really want to lose the weight fast then follow the basic simple steps below in order to lose excess body fat and to feel healthier quickly.


do not eat any processed carbohydrates, eat meat, fish, vegetables and fruit – if your food contains ingredients that you haven’t heard of don’t eat it.


if the above isn’t clear enough this means no pasta, bread, biscuits or processed ready meals.


do not drink sugar filled drinks, avoid diet drinks like the plague and do not consume alcohol.


take your body weight in pounds, divide it by 2. This will give you a figure in fl oz that you need to drink EVERY DAY. If you want you can convert fl oz to ml via conversion programs on Bing or Google.

MOVE – get off your backside and move around!

PUSH YOURSELF – 2 or 3 times a week push yourself – this may be sprinting, lifting something heavy or even doing extreme isometrics – it’s up to you and your circumstances – but push yourself – not for long drawn out periods of time just – for example a 100 metre sprint at maximum intensity is only 10 seconds long for a word class athlete – find your own challenge.

MEDITATE or TAP – do something that helps to alleviate any stress that you have

And — well that’s it!! No you need to eat 6 times a day with certain portions sizes etc. No calorie counting (mostly this is a waste of time). No set exercise routines (unless you want to and enjoy it). SIMPLE solutions that work – BUT you need to do it all – you cannot pick and choose.

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