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The Top 6 And Strong Poekmon Of All The Time!

This pokemon go games comes with some special and unique type of features which makes it popular as well as famous. Here you will see that different-different creatures have been considered through which it become interesting to play this game. There are a lot of people who are badly desperate towards finding legendary pokemon and somehow that is the reason behind its popularity. If you are interesting in acknowledging some special strategies and the legendary pokemon then you can reach through this website stated as The pokemon which are rare as well as legend comes with some different creatures as well as features which makes them unique. 

It is not an easy task to find the pokemon because the entire map of pokemon go game is large as well as wide. That is the reason, which makes finding a pokemon complicated. As per this, in the lower section I am going to write some of the popular, strongest as well as legendary pokemon so that it will become little bit easy for you to find them. 

Also, these pokemon usually found in wild areas as well as in water bodies and if you are looking around them then you need to know the right way and strategy for finding them. 

The 6 top and strong pokemon are here:

  • The original dragon:

the first pokemon which is one of the most strong and deadly one is the original dragon which is a powerful fusion as considered. It is the fusion of three pokemon which is zekrom, kyurem, and reshiram. It is listed that when a player will combine all these three pokemon in one form then it increases their level at a high end which is listed over 9000. The creation of a pokemon which is unnova kingdom is considered by this pokemon and this is the reason behind this legendary pokemon. 

  • Regigigas:

 this pokemon comes under the category of legendary pokemon because it is a continental titan as well as it is responsible for pulling all the continents altogether. It is powerful because pulling the continents altogether require a lot of power and that is why considering this pokemon is legendary. 

  • Lunala and solgaleo:

this two pokemon are different from each other and totally opposite one. As the pokemon which is named as solgaleo is considered in the title and list of sun god on the other hand when we talk about the lunala one then it is based on the sailor moon level strong which makes it different from each other. It is listed that both these type of pokemon comes in the category of shiny pokemon because it has a different signature which is associated with z-power. That is the reason behind the popularity and legendary features of this two pokemons which are as different from each other just like day and night. 

  • Ultra necrozma:

considering this pokemon is also beneficial because it is a combination of strong pokemon and a legend pokemon which comes with some special feature which is to control as well as fuse those pokemon which are strong as well as legendary. 

  • Mega mewtwo x and y:

considering the mega mewtwo x and y is also beneficial because these pokemon is also the strong and legend one which is created as a non-god pokemon ans they are better which is also known as MVP. 

  • Primal kyogre and primal groudon:

these two pokemon are known as the god pokemon because they are highly powerful as well as legendary pokemon. It is being known as the lord of water, the creator of sea as well as the lord of land. It is created on earth and one of the most popular pokemon of all the time. Also, it is the powerhouse of all the water bodies, land and sea which makes this pokemon different from other creatures and pokemon in th entire game. It serves heavy-duty as well as functions all the other planets so do it is strong as well as legend one. 

These are the top 6 as well as the legend pokemon which are considered as the best one for playing the entire game. 

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