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Some Helpful Minecraft Tips Everyone Should Know

Here are some helpful tips that can enhance your success in playing MineCraft with your Minecraft alts account:

  • When you place your Minecraft at the back of the lava wall, the next thing is to right-click the lava in case you are closer to it, then go through the lava unhurt or catch on fire. Through this method, you can easily create hard mazes or some secret bases.
  • If you want to make a bridge, the first thing is to break a hole, put the lava, then wait for about 3 seconds, displace the lava, and put water. Both lava and water will definitely make pillars.
  • When you come to Nether, it is impossible for Ghosts to destroy cobblestone blocks with fireballs but the portals can be disabled. Then the base of cobblestone is built around the portal which you use as the entrance.
  • If you are having a boat at the inventory, you can use it underwater so as to make a quick escape from any suffocation to reduce health loss.
  • At the cause of looking at a block and the Middle mouse button is hit, it enables you to change to the block automatically if is inside your hot bar.
  • Press F3 to bring up a debug screen to put down the coordinates of significant areas. This will also indicate the identity number on top of each head of the monster and this allows you to see via the walls and highly useful for exploration.
  • By holding shift control button and then clicking on the crafting bench output, it will enable you to choose all the times which can be made in a stack in just a simple click.
  • If you want to enchant a diamond sword with sharpness, it takes level 49 to do this for some people but you need to know for sure that sharpness II, III, and IV have similar amounts of a number of hits to enable them to kill a mob.
  • The most enchantable item is Gold. This implies that the tools and armor possess higher enchantments off the lower level of enchants. After this, the diamond follows. I recommend that you try gold helmet with an aqua affinity for those that love to mine clay underwater. If you are able to enchant rightly the iron armor, it means you will be more powerful in armor than those having diamond armor.

  • On rare occasions, it takes days, weeks, or fast for Nether wart to grow, hence try to avoid it so as to make your big Nether wart farm. If you put Nether wart on brewing stand top with 3 water bottles at the bottom, all the three will then become cumbersome potions. The same thing happens for another brewing recipe that you wish to try.
  • If you are using a fast potion, just walk through the same pace as a sprint and make sure you sprint two times quickly. Then jump length while walking to increase 4 blocks because inside a sprint is 8 blocks.
  • Whenever you are on fire, ensure that you log off to avoid suffering about a heart that could be damaged, then extinguish the fire not minding all the past time you have been caught on fire.

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