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Think And Act Different To Lose Weight

Will you be able to succeed at you weight loss goals this year? Can you lose the weight and become more thin? The answer is Yes. First, though, you need to think right and act right. Here are the new ways to think and act for you to stick with your weight loss plan and succeed at weight loss.

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Look At The Past

There are certain behaviors in the past that caused the weight to be gained. Look at these behaviors to avoid the patterns that caused you to become overweight. Recognize these actions and habits and then decide what needs to be changed, so that you can get to where you want to be in the future.

Take Responsibility

After you know the habits and patterns that caused the weight to be gained, take responsibility for it. Know that you are the only one that makes choices that can harm or help you. Instead of blaming, which keeps someone from being able to take action to solve a problem (if its not your fault, there’s no need to fix it), take responsibility, so that you can make necessary changes.

Set Goals

Of course if you want to lose weight, you already have a goal. But it’s not so easy to reach a goal to “lose 30 pounds”, for example. Instead, break goals into smaller reachable goals. These goals will be measurable steps that can be celebrated every time they are reached. Even if the celebration is a written down note in a diet journal that reads, “Goal 3 accomplished”. Make sure all the goals are written down.

Take Action

After goals are written down, create a plan of action. This will allow you to think ahead and know what needs to be done to accomplish the goals. This way you will have a well thought-out plan: goals with action plans. With this type of plan, you can succeed at a bunch of small things in order to succeed at the one big thing.

No More Excuses

Excuses are what will get you to skip steps in an action plan and miss goals. Get rid of any excuse that you may end up using. If you have an excuse for something, like going to a fast food restaurant, then find counterarguments (counter excuses) to eliminate the excuse. I’m sure if the excuse is time, hunger, or convenience, there are counter-excuses that can be made for why those excuses are not valid. There are no excuses.


Not only believe, but internally know that you can succeed and lose weight. Visualize the new you. What will you be doing? How will you feel? Be detailed in your vision. Believe that you can get there. There has to be hope.

Don’t Delay

Get started with your goals. Don’t let more excuses stop you from becoming healthier, and from feeling better about yourself. Losing weight is not easy, and it will take time. Therefore, have the will power and perseverance to stay on course.

For ideas on weight loss plans, go to our weight loss plans category. Note that not all plans are right for everyone, so make sure that the plan you choose is healthy and one that you can succeed at.

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