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Video Production Tips For Your Production – What are they!!

Video production tips. Hi everybody, I’m Lorraine Grula with Today’s tip is about basic lighting for video production. We all know that a picture is really nothing but light.

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How it reflects and shines inside your camera is what your audience will see. So, it makes sense, that the better your lighting is, the better your video. That does’t mean it has to be hard, it’s not. Let’s start with the two basic kinds of light.

Directional and diffused. Think about the sun, ultimate light source. On a bright, sunny day, the light is relenting and harsh. Shadows are deep and dark. That’s directional lighting, glaring down on you from one direction. Now, think about a cloudy day. The clouds act like a diffusion filter and bounce the harsh sunlight everywhere, creating a soft, even shadowless appearance. Diffused light is usually the best kind of light to use for video production. Professional video crews often rejoice when they can shoot outside on a bright but very cloudy day.

How do you get diffused light? Balance it or filter it. See how these lamps are pointed up toward the ceiling? They’re not pointed directly at me and the resulting light is very soft on my whole crinkled face. Unless you’re going for some kind of dramatic effect, this diffused light is probably, exactly what you want. Using cheap shop lights like this is the easy low budget way to do it. Clip them on to whatever is handy, point them towards the ceiling or wall and there you go. If you wanna go with a professional light kit, most of these gizmos and gadgets exist to help you diffuse the light to one degree or another. Reflective umbrellas give you a moderate level of diffusion . For an even softer look, try using a softbox like this. It gives an absolutely gorgeous, very high level of diffusion.

Now, if you want the easiest way to light your video production, learn to take advantage of natural light. What light exists already. That way you don’t have to set up any lights at all. Brighten up the room, open windows and curtains, open doors, turn on lamps then place your subject so the existing light best flatters their face. That usually means your subject should be at about a three quarter angle from the brightest source of light. This is very important. You don’t want your interview to be a silhouette even thought that can be used for a beautiful effect. Hope you’ve learned something from these video production tips.

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