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Bringing Minecraft’s Seas to Life – What are the benefits!!

Astrology isn’t something I put much stock in. That said, I’m an Aquarius who loves water – one of my favorite things to do in Minecraft is build a castle that overlooks the sea. When I heard that there was a mod whose sole intent is to improve Minecraft’s oceans, nothing could stop me from diving right in. Check out the Oceancraft mod with me, and wonder at the improvements it brings to the game!

The wonder of the ocean is a difficult thing to match, which is part of why I love this mod so much. With a few simple tweaks, it turns oceanic navigation from some leisurely strokes alongside squids into something else entirely. This mod will have you eyeing the depths warily on your next swim, appreciating each stroke free from a shark bites and lashing tentacles.

Oceancraft brings Minecrafts blocky seas to life with sheer variety. It populates the beaches and seafloors with various creatures and features, some helpful, some dangerous. Walking on the beach for the first time after downloading this mod, I came across some happy Beach Villagers. They were open to trades and smiles – their kindness definitely lowered my guard. I wasn’t prepared for what awaited me in the inky depths.

The minecraft account will offer many benefits to the players. The depth of the mountains is understandable to the players. The adventurous experience will increase the benefits of the players. The conquering of the quests is great to defeat the opponents.

I entered the water. Crabs flitted up and down the beach, and a passing Manta Ray draped an ethereal mood over my play session. Fish swarmed around me in harmless clouds, and a sea turtle coasted by, undoubtedly shouting something about the East Australian Current I couldn’t understand. When an Orca loomed out of the dark, massive and majestic, I opened my arms to nestle the dear sea-creature against my heart.

And then it ate me.

Whoa… I guess I should have seen that coming. No problem – I could bounce back. I crafted some of the awesome Diving Gear included in this mod before heading into the depths again. This time I wouldn’t be thwarted by Shamu. I was heading into the abyss.

My second journey into the black depths was proving more successful. I stuck to the seafloor, collecting shells and hiding among the seaweed added by the mod. Some sharks and orcas drifted about in the distance, but I made sure to keep away as I scoured the sand for oysters. I pressed into the deep, and light soon became a forgotten thing. And then, in the distance, a glowing cube flickered to life.

Confident that such a conspicuous light could only mean treasure, I swam towards the light posthaste. It wasn’t until I was within arm’s reach that I remembered a certain scene from Finding Nemo that involved a suspended globe of light in the murky depths. Now I could see something behind the light – the warped black frame of a mouth, the white needle-teeth. I was inches from the anglerfish when I realized what it was. I spun to flee.

And then it ate me.

It turns out that many of the mobs in this mod are prepossessed of the desire for human flesh. Later in my mod experience, I discovered that even the beachmen had some cannibalistic tendencies. It seems that this mod would have us recall one thing – the ocean is dangerous and unpredictable.

But soon enough I had mastered the ocean. My fishing nets brought in bountiful sustenance each day, and my coral armor shone orange as I tamed turtles and crabs, so that they might grant me passage through the depths.

This isn’t a mod that you’re going to get lost in – it doesn’t add a tome of new spells or an armory of guns – but it does much to improve the default world of Minecraft. Expanding your oceans may not be something you thought you needed, but you may want to re-evaluate that stance. Oceancraft is awesome.

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